Changwon LG is a team that only made it to the playoffs (PO) once (2018-2019 season) for 7 seasons from the 2015-2016 season to the 2021-2022 season. However, in the ‘2022-2023 SKT Adot Professional Basketball’, he changed his image by going directly to the semifinal PO (3 out of 5) with 2nd place in the regular league (36 wins and 18 losses). Although they were eliminated with 3 losses in the PO against Seoul SK in the semifinals, it is a considerable harvest to gain the confidence that they can leap forward as a strong team by producing results from the first season coach Jo Sang-hyun (47) took office.

LG ranked 5th (80.1 points) in average points in the regular league this season, but it recorded the least number of points (76.6 points) due to salty water defense. This is the decisive factor in getting a direct ticket to the semifinals. This is 메이저사이트because coach Cho perfectly transplanted a play that does not depend on a specific player. Director Cho emphasized several times, “I will never tolerate acts that break teamwork.” It may have lacked the presence of a clear superstar, but it transformed the team into a structure where anyone could become an ace.

This is why coach Cho mentioned hope rather than regret immediately after being eliminated from the PO in the semifinals. I felt the belief that if his own color was perfectly implanted in the squad, he could be reborn as a stronger team.

It is also unusual for coach Cho to mention ‘performance’, saying, “I’ll get the grades after the 6th round” throughout the regular season. He said, “I feel that I have achieved results thanks to the players following me well. He has gained a lot in preparing for the next season. We will come back with a stronger team. I will refine the parts that were pushed back in rebound and strength in PO next year and see the game with organizational power.”

sure the color Coach Cho’s style is to minimize the number of runs and build a lot of multipliers through high-probability attacks. Reggie Perry’s aggressive tendency, who joined as a replacement for Assem Marey, who dominated the post throughout the regular season, hurt team play is also not unrelated to this. This is why coach Cho expressed his gratitude to foreign players such as Marey and Dante Cunningham. He said, “There were foreign players,” and looked back, saying, “During the regular league, Marey and Cunningham did really well without complaint, and thanks to that, I was able to achieve results.”

The belief that LG could grow into a stronger team was firm. It is also the biggest harvest of the season. Coach Cho said, “LG’s defense has been evaluated as having become solid, and there were many cases where it collapsed in close matches, but the ability to follow it is the result.” I have faith. We will be able to make up for our weaknesses more,” he said confidently.

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