Local media are also interested in Lee Jae-sung’s future.

On the 17th (Korean time),메이저사이트 Britain’s ‘HITC’ recommended Lee Jae-seong to Palace, saying, “Crystal Palace can replace Connor Gallagher by recruiting Lee Jae-sung.”

There were two reasons for tying Lee Jae-sung and Palace together. First of all, Lee Jae-sung’s scoring ability, which has recently risen properly. After the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar, Lee Jae-sung has been showing great performance by scoring 4 goals in 5 German Bundesliga games. Now, Lee Jae-sung is able to surpass his personal record of 10 goals set in the 2019-20 season.

Palace need a player with these goals in midfield. Last season, Gallagher, who was brought on loan from Chelsea, provided good scoring support in midfield. Thanks to this, the reliance on Wilfred Zaha has decreased, and the scoring ability has been shown to be around the middle of the league.

With Gallagher’s return to Chelsea, his scoring prowess has waned. This season is at the bottom level. Lee Jae-seong was recommended as a player who could solve these problems. ‘HITC’ mentioned that Lee Jae-sung said that Park Ji-sung was his role model, and praised him as “a player who can score important goals as an energetic and aggressive midfielder like Park Ji-sung.”

Palace is also a club that has been interested in scouting Lee Jae-sung in the past. When Lee Jae-sung decided to leave Holstein Kiel, Palace had moved to sign Lee Jae-sung. Although it did not come to fruition in the end, interest in Lee Jae-seong can be revived at any time.

One of the reasons is that Lee Jae-sung recently revealed that he wants to move to the Premier League. Before returning to Germany after the World Cup, Lee Jae-seong said, “The English Premier League (EPL) is where I’ve dreamed of since I was young. As a player, of course I want to go there. I will not give up on my dream and will do my best until the end to achieve my goal.” pointed out carefully.

Lee Jae-sung signed a contract with Mainz until the 2023-24 season. Mainz will not send Lee Jae-sung, but if he does not renew the contract, there is a high possibility of a transfer this summer. ‘HITC’ also expressed, “As Lee Jae-sung expressed his desire to go to the EPL, the door to the palace was opened.”

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