On the 18th, Lee Jae-myung, the representative of the Democratic Party, proposed a’one-point constitutional amendment’ to incorporate the May 18 Democratization Movement into the constitution toward President Yoon Seok-yeol and the people’s strength토스카지노. It is to hold a referendum to add May 18 to the preamble to the current constitution at the same time as next year’s general election. It seems that the intention is to capture the public sentiment in Honam, which has recently turned its back on the suspicion of investing in virtual assets by Rep.

Lee Jae-myung, who proposed again the ‘one-point constitutional amendment’

Representative Lee met with reporters at the ceremony commemorating the 43rd anniversary of the May 18 Democratization Movement held at the National May 18th Democratic Cemetery in Gwangju that day and said, “The government and ruling party responsible for state violence should not only reflect on, commemorate, and commemorate with words, but show with actions. “he said. Continuing from the previous day, he proposed a one-point constitutional amendment to the passport. At the same time, he aimed at President Yoon, who promised to include the full text of the Constitution in the spirit of May 18th, saying, “Not keeping the promise made to the people is an act of destroying democracy no matter how much you shout for democracy.”

The Democratic Party pointed out that in President Yoon’s commemorative speech at the May 18th commemoration ceremony, there was no clear mention of “the full text of the constitution in the spirit of May.” Spokesperson Kang Sun-woo criticized, “Only an empty cart is a loud commemorative speech,” and “Words not followed by action just scatter and disappear in the air.” At the same time, he insisted, “I really want to inherit the spirit of May, and I hope you will respond to the one-point constitutional amendment proposed by the Democratic Party.”

①Strengthening the frame for breaking promises ②Attack public sentiment in Honam

The Democratic Party’s intention to ignite the discussion of ‘one-point constitutional amendment’ is to strengthen the frame of the ‘breaking promise’ of the Yoon Seok-yeol government. An official from the Democratic Party said, “If we reject the one-point constitutional amendment related to the May 18th following the exercise of the Nursing Act veto, the people will have no choice but to feel more problems with the government’s attitude.”

About 100 members of the Democratic Party visited Gwangju that day, and the leadership, including Representative Lee, completed the Gwangju schedule from the previous day, including attending the eve of the festival. Representative Lee held a private meeting with local young politicians the day before and started targeting the youth group. At this meeting, young politicians said they were concerned about the Democratic Party and asked CEO Lee to strengthen crisis management capabilities and establish a red team within the party.

The move of the Democratic Party is irrelevant to the situation in which the public sentiment of Honam, a stronghold, is leaving as morality is hurt due to the suspicion of money envelopes at the 2021 National Convention and the suspicion of congressman Kim Nam-guk’s coin investment. According to a Gallup Korea survey, Honam’s approval rating for the Democratic Party fell 9 percentage points in the past two weeks, from 62% in the fourth week of April to 53% in the second week of May. In the Real Meter survey, Honam’s approval rating for the Democratic Party in the second week of May was 56.7%, down 10.6 percentage points from the previous week.

Justice Party representative Lee Jung-mi also commented on President Yoon’s 5/18 memorial address, saying, “Reconciliation and integration are just words, and there was no promise of apology, reflection, or decisive action for the behavior of government and ruling party officials who threatened and damaged the spirit of Gwangju in the past year. “, he criticized.

Lee Jae-myung (right), leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, meets and talks with Yang Geum-deok, a victim of forced labor under the Japanese colonial rule, who is hospitalized at a hospital in Gwangju on the 18th. Provided by the Democratic Party

Meanwhile, CEO Lee Jae-myung visited Yang Geum-deok, a victim of forced labor under the Japanese colonial rule, who is hospitalized at a hospital in Gwangju that day. At the meeting with Representative Lee, Grandma Yang expressed her feelings, saying, “It truly hurts why our country is not able to go our way and is being dragged around like this.” Representative Lee is said to have replied, “You must keep your health well and watch the forced labor issue be resolved favorably.” Representative Lee also criticized the recent visit of a foreign ministry employee to a victim of forced labor, saying, “It seems to have a political purpose.”

※For more information about the poll, please refer to the websites of Gallup Korea, Realmeter, and the National Election Poll Deliberation Committee website.

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