The Everton club, which is in danger of relegation, has been put up for sale on the market. The news is that the owner, Fahad Moshiri, who owned and operated the club for seven years, is trying to sell the team and rob his hands. 메이저사이트

On the 25th (Korean time), the British mass media The Sun said, ‘Moshiri, the owner of Everton, put the club up for sale at 500 million pounds. “Despite protests from fans, several potential buyers are showing interest.” Everton has not been doing well in recent years. In particular, in January of last year, Frank Lampard, a former EPL legend, was appointed as coach, and he had an ambitious season, but was in danger of relegation again. Everton is in the 19th place in the league (3 wins, 6 draws, 11 losses) with a winless streak of the last 8 games, and is in the relegation zone.

In the end, Everton sacked coach Lampard on the 24th. For the time being, he plans to lead the team as an agency system. Fans are strongly against this. Lampard’s supporters are rather actively leading protests, asking the club’s leadership to leave.

In the midst of this, reports came out that the owner of Moshiri was planning to sell the team. According to The Guardian, owner Moshiri, who has run the team for the past seven years, is planning to sell the club for more than £500m. The Iranian-British businessman Moshiri said a number of potential buyers were expressing interest. It is known that Deloitte, an accounting firm, will oversee the sale of the club.

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