Suwon KT presented a precious day for ‘a junior who will compete in the future’.

On the 11th, ahead of the baseball team’s KBO League game, an unexpected group appeared at KT Wiz Park in Suwon. They were 11 college students who were active as the 14th KT Frontiers in the 2022-2023 season. They have developed their qualifications as sports marketers by experiencing the basketball team in person for one season. Participated in planning various events and producing goods, and helped manage club games.

KT Frontiers is a social contribution activity of the KT basketball team that has been in operation for 14 years. It provides a place of learning for local university students who dream of sports-related jobs to experience various jobs such as marketing and new media in basketball teams and grow into sports marketers. About 150 university students had an opportunity to grow as sports marketers through KT Frontiers activities. In fact, numerous people who have gone through KT Frontiers are working in the sports industry and pursuing their dreams.

In particular, KT Frontiers held ‘Frontiers Day’, a first for a professional club where university students plan and operate home games themselves, providing an opportunity to develop their capabilities as sports marketers. Through this, KT Frontiers can directly participate in game operation and event progress and gain various experiences.

The completion ceremony, which was held as the last official event of KT Frontiers on this day, did not just stop at the completion ceremony, but also helped to gain more experience as a sports marketer by visiting a professional baseball stadium and having time to learn club marketing, convenience facility benchmarking, and learning메이저놀이터.

An official from the club, who held the graduation ceremony at the baseball field, said, “I hope to feel and learn a lot through this experience. I hope that the experience of looking around the baseball field will be of great help later and become a precious memory.”

The 14th KT Frontiers toured the KT baseball field for about an hour and encountered various sports practices. In addition to game management and event planning, which are usually easily accessible, I was able to see first-hand the spaces where working-level workers in various fields work, such as ground maintenance, billboard work, and press seats.

Student Jinyoung Lee (23), who was selected as the best activist in the 14th class of KT Frontiers, said, “If you are a student who dreams of becoming a sports marketer, I recommend experiencing Frontiers activities. It was a very meaningful time for her to learn sports marketing herself while sweating with professional sports marketers behind the court,” she said.

She continued, “Thank you to the club for helping me experience so many different things. She could feel the club’s care and affection throughout the season. Now that the KT Frontiers activities are over, I will return as a fan, but I think I will watch the game with a different mindset than before, holding these memories. I was happy to be able to experience all of these things at KT Sonicboom,” she said, expressing her gratitude.

In particular, regarding the completion ceremony at the baseball field, “It was a very beneficial time as I could feel the busyness behind the baseball field as well as the basketball field. After all, there is no sport in Suwon that is not impressive.”

An official from the KT club whom I met during the graduation ceremony sincerely answered the Q&A of the 14th Frontiers class and said, “Aren’t they juniors who will compete with us in the future? I hope everyone will fight.”

He spared no sincere advice and encouragement for his juniors who might become future competitors. Can the special graduation ceremony prepared by the KT basketball team be a tip-off for a college student marketer to become a professional marketer?

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