On the 18th, the results of the Asian region preliminary group draw for Korean women’s soccer, which is challenging to advance to the Olympic finals for the first time in history, will be released.

The Asian Football Confederation (AFC)메이저사이트 will hold a draw ceremony for the 2nd qualifying round for the 2024 Paris Olympics in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at noon on the 18th, Korean time.

South Korea entered Port 2 along with Vietnam and Taiwan. Port 1 was assigned to Australia, Japan and China.

The second round of qualifiers will be held in October this year, and 12 countries will be divided into three groups to play the group stage.

The first place in each group advances to the final qualifying round, and the best-performing team among the second-placed countries in the group advances to the final round.

The final qualifier, scheduled for February 2024, is a home-and-away match in which four countries are classified into two countries and compete for two tickets to the Olympic finals.

Korean women’s soccer has never made it to the Olympic finals.

Olympic soccer has no age limit for women.

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