Go Young-pyo is good. Kim Hye-seong and Oh Ji-hwan’s performances as table setters are a shame. 

The World Baseball Classic (WBC) team, led by head coach Lee Kang-cheol, won the SSG Landers 2nd team 10-2 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 3rd. Pitcher Ko Young-pyo showed off his no-hit pitching in 3 innings (12 outs), and Park Gun-woo scored 4 RBIs with 1 home run and 2 doubles. 

On this day, under the agreement of both teams, the pitchers of the national team divided into mounds for both teams to mound, and regardless of the win or loss, it continued until the end of the ninth inning. In addition, 10 hitters appeared in the starting lineup.

Choi Jeong of the national team did not play due to poor physical condition, and Park Gun-woo started as the third baseman. The national team’s catcher Lee Ji-young and outfielder Choi Ji-hoon played as SSG’s second team. Major leaguers Kim Ha-seong and Edman, who joined on the 2nd, could not participate in the practice game on the day according to WBC rules.

The national team consists of Kim Hye-seong (second baseman) Oh Ji-hwan (shortstop) Lee Jung-hoo (center fielder) Kim Hyeon-soo (left fielder) Park Byung-ho (1st baseman) Kang Baek-ho (designated hitter) Yang Eui-ji (catcher) Na Seong-beom (right fielder) Park Kun-woo (third baseman) Park Hae-min (designated hitter). He entered the starting lineup.메이저사이트

SSG Group 2 Choi Ji-hoon (center fielder) Choi Sang-min (right fielder) Lee Jeong-beom (designated hitter) Oh Tae-gon (left fielder) Kim Gun-woong (3 baseman) Lee Gi-yeon (1st baseman) Jeon Jin-woo (2nd baseman) Lee Ji-young (catcher) Kim Min-joon (shortstop) Jeon Jeon-won (designated hitter) went on a business trip 

In the second inning of the national team, Park Byeong-ho got on base with a heavy hit against Kim Gwang-hyeon. Kang Baek-ho’s pitcher grounded to 1st and 2nd base, and when Yang Eui-ji hit in front of the right fielder, Park Byung-ho, who had stopped at third base, came home while the right fielder slightly missed the ball. Loss of visa book. 

After two outs in the third inning, the national team went on base with a heavy hit by Kim Hye-seong against Gwak Bin. Oh Ji-hwan hit a double for priority on a full count, and Kim Hye-seong, the first base runner who broke the start, came home and made it 2-0.  

In the 4th inning, against Hyeon-jong Yang, Tae-gon Oh walked and Gun-woong Kim hit a double in the middle right to secure a chance for 2nd and 3rd base. In the crisis, Yang Hyeon-jong struck out Lee Ji-yeon and Jeon Jin-woo in a row, and blocked Lee Ji-young with a shortstop grounder without a run. 

In the 5th inning of the SSG 2nd team, lead batter Kim Min-joon got to base with a double that slipped past the first base, and Jeon Gyeong-won created a chance for 1st and 3rd base safely with a right-handed hit. Ji-Hoon Choi’s sharp batted ball was caught by shortstop Oh Ji-Hwan and treated as a double stroke from second base to first base, while the runner on third base stepped home. They caught up 2-1.

In the 5th inning, Yang Eui-ji hit base with a double in the middle right against Park Se-woong, and after Na Seong-beom’s first baseman grounded, Park Kun-woo hit a 1-run double that hit the top of the right fence. Oh Ji-hwan’s timely hit in the 2nd and 1st and 2nd bases led to a 4-1 run. 

The SSG 2nd team started with the first hitter against Kim Yun-shik in the 6th inning. Choi Ji-hoon made a heavy hit, and Choi Sang-min made a surprise bunt hit on the third baseman (Park Kun-woo), making the first and second bases safe. Lee Jeong-beom hit the plate with a wild pitch and reached the second and third bases, and the bases were loaded without a walk. 

Kim Yun-sik allowed Oh Tae-gon a ground ball to third baseman and allowed one point. The score is 4-2. Kim Geon-woong was sent out for a walk, and the bases were loaded with one out. He struck out Lee Ji-yeon on a swing with a changeup, and when the number of pitches reached 25, he was replaced by So-Jun Sohn. Joon Sohn struck out Jinwoo Jeon and escaped the crisis.

In the 6th inning of the national team, against Lee Yong-chan, Kim Hyun-soo and Park Byung-ho picked consecutive walks. In the process, two wild throws came out and it became 1st and 3rd base safely. When Kang Baek-ho hit the second baseman grounder, Park Byeong-ho stepped on the home plate and widened the score to 5-2.

In the 7th inning, Park Gun-Woo hit a solo home run against Jeong Cheol-Won that went over the fence in the middle and the national team ran away with a score of 6-2. In the ninth inning against Kim Won-joong, the national team made a chance to run 1st and 2nd base safely with Kang Baek-ho on base due to a shortstop error and Na Seong-beom with a left-handed hit. Park Kun-woo made it 8-2 with two RBIs and a double in mid-month. Park Geon-woo, who was on second base, also stepped home with Kim Won-jung’s bad throw to first base following Park Hae-min’s surprise bunt. With one out and third base, Oh Ji-hwan made it 10-2 with a timely hit. 

Koh Young-pyo, who started as the starting pitcher for the national team, recorded 12 outs in 3 innings, no hits, 4 strikeouts and 1 walk. He applied the local rule and continued to throw after 3 outs in the 3rd inning, and the inning ended with 6 outs. 

Koh Young-pyo handled 6 balls in the 1st inning with a fly ball to the left fielder, a strikeout on 3 pitches, and a ground ball to the 2nd baseman. The second inning ended with a fly ball to left field, three strikeouts, and a strikeout. Ko Young-pyo, who threw 15 pitches until the second inning, threw 21 balls in the third inning and recorded 6 outs and 1 walk against 7 batters. Then,

Yang Hyeon-jong recorded 3 hits, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts and 1 run in 2 innings. Kim Yun-sik scored 2 hits, 2 walks and 1 run in ⅔ innings, So-Jun Sohn gave 2 hits, 1 strikeout and no run in 1⅓ innings, Jung Woo-Young scored 2 strikeouts and no runs in 1 inning, and Lee Ui-Ri recorded 2 walks, 1 strikeout and no run in 1 inning.

Kim Gwang-hyun, who threw against the national team on the SSG 2nd mound, gave up 1 run on 3 hits in 2 innings, Bin Kwak gave up 1 run on 2 hits in 2 innings, Se-woong Park allowed 2 runs on 3 hits in 1 inning, Lee Yong-chan allowed 1 run on 2 walks in 1 inning, Cheol-Won Jeong 1 inning, 1 home run, 1 strikeout, 1 run, Ko Woo-seok 1 inning, 1 walk, 2 strikeouts, no runs, and Kim Won-joong 3 hits and 4 runs in 1 inning. 

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