There is no coach with Korean nationality in the national soccer team, which has been changed to the new coach Jurgen Klinsmann (59). Coach Klinsman brought in a large number of coaches who were on the coaching staff when he led the U.S. national team from 2011 to 2016. He appointed head coach Andreas Haychog from Austria, coach Paolo Stringgara from Italy, goalkeeper coach Andreas Goepke from Germany, and physical coach Werner Reutard from Germany.

The coaching staff, who will be based in Europe and will be in charge of overseas management, will go to his first meeting ahead of the 2nd A match in March. Four foreign coaches are scheduled to enter Korea on the 16th.

Unfortunately, Klinsmann has no coaches with Korean nationality. Coach Kim Young-min, who served consecutively at Bento Lake, is a Canadian national메이저놀이터. He is mainly in charge of interpreting. Here, Du-Ri Cha, born in Germany, serves as an advisor.

In Korean soccer, it can be seen that the connection between national team A and domestic leaders has been severed over the past four years. Coach Kim Young-min has served as a leader in Jeju, Daejeon, Shanghai Shenshin (China), and FC Anyang, but the majority of evaluations are that he is dissatisfied with his ability to guide players. During the days of former coach Paulo Bento, there was a Korean national coach Choi Tae-wook, but he left the team after the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

One of the reasons for using a foreign coach for the A national team is the connection with the domestic leader. Domestic leaders should be able to help the A national team by learning advanced European football from foreign coaching staff. There are some areas that cannot be improved by domestic leader education alone. However, under the current system, domestic leaders have little legacy to learn from Klinsmann. Of course, only coach Kim Young-min can learn the know-how of foreigners at Klinsman after Bentu.

Also, advisory Cha Du-ri’s contract is limited until the end of the Asian Cup in January next year. There is a high possibility that a Korean coach will be appointed afterward, but it is unclear whether a coach who will lead or help the A national team will succeed Cha Du-ri after coach Klinsman leaves.

It is a problem that not only the A team but also the national team at each level are not connected. When one manager changes, everything in the national team changes. It takes more time to get to know the players and get them in good sync.

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