The Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) held a meeting of the KBO Rules Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Rules Committee) on the 20th. This is the second rule committee this year.

In this rule committee, ▲ sanctions for the use of foreign substances by pitchers ▲ detailed enforcement rules related to rosin ▲ base-running gloves were discussed. The foreign substance test is conducted before or during the game when the referees have doubts or when the opposing team raises an objection.

The inspection is conducted by the referee and the umpire together. If sticky special substances or prohibited foreign substances are clearly identified after a close examination of the entire hand, including the player’s fingers, back of the hand, and palm, it is considered a foul play.

In addition to pitchers, fielders and catchers may also be inspected for foreign substances at the discretion of the referee.

If a player is found to be using a foreign substance, the player is subject to immediate expulsion and a 10-game suspension in accordance with existing Baseball Rules 3.01, 6.02(d) 1.

Regarding rosin, a rule was added so that only approved products could be used in response to concerns that some highly viscous rosin could affect pitching if self-produced and used.안전놀이터

Rosin that can be used in the KBO League can only be used in products approved by the KBO or the USA (MLB) and Japan (NPB). The rosin to be used in the game must be submitted to the referee one hour before the start of the game to confirm whether or not it can be used.

In addition, size and regulations for baserunning gloves worn by runners on base during games to prevent injury were introduced. Only gloves within 30 cm in length and 13 cm in width can be used.

After wearing it, it must be fixed so that it does not fall out of the hand during play. If the umpire judges that there is an impediment to play in violation of this rule, a penalty of 2 million won will be imposed.