There was a mixed bag of favorites in the Round of 32 of the LPBA’s fourth round.

Kim Ga-young, Kim Min-ah, and Lim Jung-sook reached the Round of 32 of the Eswai LPBA Championship in the fourth round of the 23/24 season at the Kintex PBA Dedicated Stadium in Goyang, Gyeonggi-do, on April 2, while Song Hida Im-rae drank her stomach.

Also, Kim Bomi Kang Ji-eun Yong Hyun-ji Sakai made it to the round of 16, while Jang Ga-yeon Seo Han-sol and Choi Hye-mi were eliminated.스포츠토토

Kim Ga-young (Hanakad Hanafei) used two long shots to defeat Idasom in straight sets 2:0 (11:0, 11:2). Kim took the first set 11:0 with a ‘high run of 5 points’. In the second set, she scored seven points in the first attack and then added three more in the next two to reach match point. Kim then scored one point in the fourth to close out the match with ease. Kim had an average of 1.571.

Kim Min-ah (NHL Card Green Force) defeated Kim Bora in straight sets, 2:0 (11:6, 11:0). After taking the first set 11:6 in six games, Kim won the second set 11:0 (7 games) to advance to the round of 16 with the No. 1 overall ranking. Kim had an average of 1.692.

Kang Ji-Eun (SK Rent-a-Car Direct) also defeated Lee Im-Rae (Hi-One) in straight sets, 2:0 (11:10, 11:5). After taking the first set in a close 11:10, Kang won the second set with 11 points in eight games.

Lim Jung-sook (Crown Hae Taeyeon), Kim Bomi (NH Card), Kim Se-yeon (Huon’s Healthcare Legend), Yong Hyun-ji (Hi One Resort Winners) and Sakai (Hana Card) also made it through to the round of 32.

On the other hand, Surong Piavi (Blue One Angels) ended the tournament with a 1:2 (11:3, 6:11, 4:9) setback in Choi Yeon-ju. She took the first set in five games, 11:3, but was unable to overcome the momentum of a resurgent Choi. She dropped the second set 6:11 (5 games) to Choi Yeon-joo and then lost the third set 4:9 in five games, ending her campaign in the round of 32.

Hida Oriie (SK Rent-a-Car) lost to Park Dasom with a set score of 1:2 (4:11, 11:0, 4:9). Hida lost the third set 4:9 (14 games) after a somewhat sluggish performance in a set that was tied at 1:1, and was eliminated in the round of 32.

The round of 16 of the LPBA 4th Round will be played in two rounds tonight (Feb. 2) at 7:30 and 9:30 pm.

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