“It wasn’t a very good feeling. I think I should recover well.”

World Baseball Classic The Korean baseball team is in an emergency. Go Woo-seok (LG, 24), who was both the national team’s guardian and a potential closer, complained of muscle pain during the evaluation match.메이저사이트

The Korean baseball team lost 2-4 in the World Baseball (WBC) official evaluation match against the 2022 season Japan Series champion Orix Buffaloes held at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka, Japan on the 6th. It was a pity that the defense was shaken with three errors and the empty space in the other line, which only scored two points against the Orix relievers.

No matter how much it is an evaluation game and a practice game, it would have been a disappointing performance that would have been followed by various expressions if it had failed to score with Park Kun-woo’s timely hit and Lee Ji-young’s sacrifice fly in the early ninth inning.

There was another dizzying scene for the national team. It was a scene where Ko Woo-seok complained of his physical condition and was replaced. When the 7th inning fell behind 0-4, with 2nd out and 3rd base, the situation was in crisis, and coach Lee Kang-cheol put Go Woo-seok on the mound. As announced the previous day, Ko Woo-seok, who was scheduled to appear on the day, was appointed in an important match in the second half of the game, such as a real game.

Ko Woo-seok overcame the first crisis by throwing a powerful ball with a maximum speed of 153 km from the first pitch, and treating the opponent with a ground ball in good condition.

However, the 8th episode was a problem. Ko Woo-seok had to hit the lead batter in the inning to send it out, but then committed a wild throw and was driven to second base safely. Afterwards, Orix’s sacrifice bunt led to a crisis with 1 out and 3 base. And after taking two strikes against Chano Tokushima, he suddenly took on a dark expression. Afterwards, he touched the back of his neck and turned his right arm widely to stop the pitching motion.

In the end, the training part staff came up and urgently checked Ko Woo-seok’s condition, and was replaced with Kim Won-joong to finish the day’s game. Immediately after, a KBO official explained, “He is icing due to muscle pain in the direction of his back neck and right shoulder.”

Go Woo-seok’s expression in the mixed zone after the game was also not very bright. Go Woo-seok said, “It’s because I’m throwing the first game. He didn’t feel very good when he threw it,” he said, saying that there was something wrong with his body.

There are also preventive decisions. Go Woo-seok said, “I thought I should not overdo it because I thought I should recover well. (The condition of the shoulder side) I was concerned,” he said. “It’s okay, but I think it’s important to recover well.”

Recently, Ko Woo-seok’s ‘Otani Beanball Remarks’, which he had brought out as a joke without much meaning, was maliciously misrepresented and became known to baseball fans through the Japanese media. However, in reality, he was also the number one pitcher to watch, with Japanese coach Hideki Kuriyama choosing him as the number one pitcher to watch out for. However, he left concerns as he encountered unexpected bad news before the most important final match.

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