It was a fantastic help. 먹튀검증Cristiano Ronaldo recorded the first assist in the league with a pass that split the ground.

Al Nasr won 2-1 against Al Taawon in the 17th round of the Saudi Professional League in the 2022-23 season held at Mrsul Park in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia at 0:00 am (Korean time) on the 18th. Al-Nasr added 3 points to keep first place in the league (40 points).

Ronaldo’s toes shone. Caught the ball near the half line in the 17th minute of the first half, Ronaldo sent an exquisite through pass between the opposing defenses. Al Taawon’s defense was neutralized in an instant, and Abdulrahman Garib, who took over the ball, overcame the defensive tackle and split the net by aiming for the exact opposite corner of the goal.

It was a pass that showed the class. Ronaldo sent the ball, which his colleague touched rather long, to Garib, who was rushing without delay. Cristiano Ronaldo’s quick passing allowed Garib to comfortably break through the opposition’s offside line.

It was also Ronaldo who helped the winning goal. He touched Luis Gustavo’s shot with his foot in the 33rd minute of the second half and passed the pass to Abdullah Madou, who was right behind. As the goalkeeper was already diving, Madou comfortably pushed the ball in with his left foot. The goalkeeper tried to reach out, but it was not enough to block it.

It was an exquisite positioning. Al Nasr’s goal was initially canceled for Ronaldo’s offside. Ronaldo strongly protested to the referee, and as a result of video review (VAR), it was confirmed that the right defense could not escape, and it was corrected as a goal.

With this, Ronaldo succeeded in accumulating attack points in three consecutive league games. He was silent on his league debut, but bombarded five goals in the following two games to show that he wasn’t dead. And today, with two assists like Altoran, he led the team to another victory.

After the game, football fans praised Ronaldo’s performance. In particular, praise for the beautiful pass that made the opening goal was the main focus. Fans commented: “It was the best pass of his career. The class stood out”, “When Ronaldo wants to be the greatest playmaker ever”, “Isn’t this Kevin de Bruyne?” and so on.

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