DeRozan is rooting for Ball.

Demar DeRozan of the Chicago Bulls had an interview with ‘NBC Sports Chicago’ on the 18th (Korean time). DeRozan left a message of support for his teammate Lonzo Ball.

On the 17th, news that broke the hearts of Chicago fans was delivered. It was the news of the surgery of the main point guard ball. Ball decided to pursue his dream of extending his career by undergoing surgery to transplant cartilage in his left knee메이저놀이터.

Ball’s injury began in January 2022. After suffering a knee injury, he underwent two surgeries and immersed himself in rehabilitation. But he couldn’t see the ball on the court. This is already my third surgery. The season out has been confirmed, and it is difficult to return to the next season.

“I can only wish for Lonzo Ball to be happy,” said DeRozan. “I hope the future of Ball works out from a human-to-human perspective, regardless of basketball.”

Unlike Ball, DeRozan is one of the NBA’s leading steel kings. He has played in more than 60 games in all 14 seasons and boasts outstanding durability. He also played in over 76 games in eight seasons.

DeRozan said: “I can’t imagine the situation Ball is facing. It can drive everyone crazy if something you love is taken away. Regardless of the rehabilitation period, we will do our best for the ball.”

DeRozan will wear a Chicago uniform until next season. In other words, he will soon be eligible for an extended contract. Will the long-term departure of the ball affect DeRozan’s future?

“I’ve been in the league for 14 years and I’ve never worried about a contract,” DeRozan said.

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