‘It’s so delicious that it makes my eyes go round… The Gunjjol (fried dumplings + Jjolmyeon) set is definitely love!’

I clicked on the internet cafe post, and the screen changed and the product advertisement appeared right in front of my eyes.

This post was not posted by a cafe user. It was an article posted by

artificial intelligence ( AI ).

Users are increasingly dissatisfied with advertisements placed by artificial intelligence.

Naver launched an artificial intelligence ad service last month.

The copy of the ad looks like a post or comment written by an internet cafe user.

The tone used is friendly, so it is difficult to distinguish it from what real users wrote, and the sign indicating that it is an advertisement is small and difficult to see.

This kind of service has recently appeared with the development of artificial intelligence technology.

In the case of the advertisements that Naver introduced this time, advertisements are exposed on bulletin boards and posts on topics that advertisers want.

In fact, at Han Mom Café, advertisements for products that mothers raising children would be interested in were posted.

‘ There is a developmental test for ages 1 to 3. It must be something like the MBTI for babies .’ Comments such as

In this way, advertisements for body lotion appear in beauty cafes, and advertisements for coffee that go well with bread appear in baking cafes.

However, the text of this advertisement was not written by artificial intelligence. It was written by advertisers.

AI only places advertisements written by advertisers.

However, users who thought it was a post or comment and clicked on it and saw the ad expressed their displeasure.

A lot of dissatisfied opinions such as ‘it looks like a scam’ and ‘ads disguised as comments’ were posted in an online cafe.

The manager of Naver Cafe ‘Oven Enjoy’ said, “The type of advertisement looks like it was written by regular members.” It’s the biggest complaint and I’m feeling uncomfortable.”

At the same time, he added that these ads seem to lower the immersion in posts and comments.

Of course, there is no way to block these ads.

However, blocking methods are different for each mobile phone model, and the block setting process is complicated, so it is difficult to block easily.

Also, even if you block it, you can’t block all ads. There were also reports of cell phones slowing down.

The reason for doing artificial intelligence advertising is, of course, for profit.

Advertising is a key source of revenue for portal companies.

By using artificial intelligence advertisements, you can place advertisements in the right places to increase sales.

An official from Naver’s advertising team explained, “In a space where people gather on a specific topic, we prepared this type of advertisement because we thought that synergy could be created from the user side and the advertiser side.”

He said, “There are quite a few (negative) reactions from users, but we are still listening to the opinions of users and advertisers, and we plan to continue improving and advancing.”

In addition, he added, “It seems that there are a lot of complaints because it is in the early stages of introducing the service, and we will improve it카지노사이트.”

Heo Kyung-ok, a professor at Sungshin Women’s University’s Department of Consumer Life and Culture Industry, said about artificial intelligence advertisements, “It can be a problem because it can give consumers a negative perception of advertisements and cause confusion or distortion of purchases.”

At the same time, she explained, “The autonomous efforts of companies or advertisers, attention from consumers are needed, and if a lot of damage occurs in the future, legal and institutional improvements are also needed.”

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