Lim Tae-gyun (27, Goyang City Hall), the ‘captain of the Korean team in Sepak Takraw’ who has conquered the world stage for two consecutive years, has begun his voyage to conquer the Hangzhou Asian Games.

In a phone interview on the 1st, Taekyun Lim, who plays the central role in coordinating the entire team at the center of the stadium, said, as the meaning of the position ‘captain’, “I led the national team and made history by reaching the highest place on the podium in 21 years since the 2002 Busan Asian Games. “I will write it,” he pledged.

“Due to the nature of net sports, team atmosphere is important. Lim Tae-gyun, who emphasized the role of Tekong, saying, “Game management ability is essential for victory,” said, “The flow can change significantly with just one blocking. “If one person is intimidated by a mistake, it will have a negative impact on everyone, so I will encourage and help them and move toward their goal,” he said.

His confidence is based on recent performances in international competitions. The Korean national team achieved a come-from-behind victory over Indonesia, the favorite for the championship, in the quad event at the Sepak Takraw World Championships held in Bangkok, Thailand last July. After winning her first ever gold medal last year, she achieved her second consecutive victory in the competition. They also won a bronze medal in the ‘team event’, which involves three lego (triad) matches.

Lim Tae-gyun said, “The World Championships, in which Brazil and the United States also participate, is the second largest tournament after the Asian Games,” and added, “At the time, we beat strong teams from Indonesia to Myanmar and Vietnam one after another. “At Quad, we are proud that we are the best in the world,” he said.

Regarding the 2018 Asian Games in Jakarta and Palembang, where he won a bronze medal, he said, “I didn’t have much experience in international competitions and it wasn’t long since I started playing as a starting player, so I couldn’t concentrate due to the tension. “If we had a little more savvy or had the skills we have now, the results would have been different,” he explained. “The current national team composition is made up of young players, so the atmosphere is that they can win against any opponent with their strong energy.”

The fantastic chemistry between Goyang City Hall teammate Lim Tae-gyun and killer (striker) Seonwoo Young-soo (28) is the national team’s biggest weapon. Lim Tae-gyun said, “From the technical part of exchanging serve tosses to the timing of understanding each other’s condition and instilling energy, we were able to sweep the championship in the international competition.” He added, “Through competition with high school juniors whose skills were not much different in the same position, we “I’m improving my skills,” he said.먹튀검증

Lim Tae-gyun, who gave up his career as a soccer player in middle school due to an cruciate ligament injury, found success in Sepak Takraw, wore the Taegeuk badge upon graduating from high school, and was on the verge of participating in his second Asian Games in his mid-20s, when he was in his prime. He said, “For Sepak Takraw players, the Asian Games are like the World Cup or the Olympics. Even if their skills are excellent, they cannot participate unless they have good timing or luck, so their determination is special.”

He continued, “Our goal is to win a gold medal in the quad event where Thailand, the world’s best, does not participate, and to enter the medal range in the team event where we participate,” and added, “We are full of confidence by winning the championship. “Based on this, we will achieve good results and promote Sepak Takraw to the people,” he said.

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