Real Madrid midfielder Toni Kroos has voted in favor of a Super League featuring Europe’s biggest clubs. Although he is a player who shines with five UEFA Champions League crowns,카지노사이트 he insisted that it is worth trying the European Super League even for the fun of fans.

Discussions on hosting the European Super League have surfaced again. FIFA (International Football Federation) and UEFA are opposing the establishment of an independent league that is not managed by associations or federations, and fans are also showing strong opposition to commercial super leagues aimed at generating profits.

Among them, Kroos, who has won the UEFA Champions League five times (Real Madrid four times and Bayern Munich once), expressed his opinion, saying, “Clubs do not need UEFA.” He hosted his Super League-themed broadcast on his podcast ‘Einfach Malufen’.

“We will see a Super League,” Kroos said. “If you look carefully at the idea of ​​a Super League from both sides, UEFA is not a great Samaritan to football fans, and in the second attempt, no team will be seen as there are no permanent founding members. You can see there are no plans to rule it out. It’s a club-managed competition, not UEFA. I think it deserves at least one chance.”

The fact that UEFA has already created a new competition called the Nations League is also the reason Kroos is in favor of the Super League. Rather than having UEFA hold too much power,

“I’ve only heard the position of UEFA, but I think I’ve heard it too often. Is it okay for UEFA to introduce a Nations League that no one needs? It’s very important to hear proposals like the Super League. I feel like we’re not being listened to anymore,” he said. He criticized the move of UEFA.

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