Is this a sign of making a deal or turning the table upside down? It was revealed that Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) presented ‘out-of-bounds’ deal terms to Real Madrid, which wants Kylian Mbappe. This condition is realistically impossible for Real to accept. There is a high possibility that Mbappe’s transfer to Real in January next year will not take place again.

British media outlet Sports Mall reported on the 14th (Korean time) that PSG wants five players from Real in exchange for sending Mbappe. It’s a shocking proposition. In particular, this is because among the Real players that PSG wants, there are key players designated as ‘non-tradeable’. This raises suspicions that PSG is actually trying to abort the Mbappe transfer by presenting ‘unacceptable conditions’ to Real.안전놀이터

Mbappe has always wanted to transfer to Real Madrid, considering it his dream club. Therefore, he did not agree to the contract renewal proposed by PSG. This is because he will become a free agent (FA) player next summer, so he can go to Real without conditions. Because of Mbappe’s high price, it is realistically difficult for Real to pay a transfer fee to sign him. For now, Real is looking forward to next summer.

However, from PSG’s perspective, it would be a huge loss for Mbappe to go to Real next summer. This is because he cannot receive a single penny of the transfer fee. PSG’s best option is to re-sign Mbappe. However, it cannot be forced because Mbappe is refusing to do so.

In the end, PSG will have the opportunity to send Mbappe by collecting the final transfer fee in the January transfer market next year. If it is difficult to persuade Mbappe to stay anyway, it is better to sell at this time for maximum profit.

However, it seems that PSG is taking this opportunity too seriously. The conditions that PSG will present to Real in the January transfer market next year have been revealed to the Spanish media, and they are difficult for Real to accept. It appears that as many as five players will be required.

Spanish media outlet Sport said, ‘PSG is expected to want as many as five players at the negotiating table with Real in the January transfer window,’ and added Brazilian attacking duo Vinicius Junior and Rodrigo, and midfielder trio Federico Valverde and Aurelian. It has been reported that Chouameni and Eduardo Camavinga will be on PSG’s list.

The problem is that these players are all Real’s key players, and some of them are designated as ‘unsellable’. Vinicius is a player that Real have classified as not to be sold at any cost. Also, as Toni Kroos and Luka Modric are currently older, it is not possible to send all three of the next-generation starting midfielders. It is true that some sacrifice is necessary to recruit Mbappe, but the ‘five player package’ proposed by PSG is a condition that Real cannot accept at present. As a result, it seems difficult for Mbappe to go to Real next January. Until PSG lowered their standards.

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