Serge Gnabry is under fire from public opinion. But there are also opinions in favor of him.

Recently, Gnabry has been on the cutting edge of 스포츠토토 public opinion. There was a reason. Last week, Bayern Munich played an away game in round 17 of the Bundesliga in the 2022-23 season against Leipzig. It was the first Bundesliga match resumed after the World Cup break.

Munich drew 1-1 with Leipzig. After the game, Munich coach Nagelsmann gave the players a day off. Gnabry left Germany and headed to Paris, France. He was to participate in Fashion Week in Paris.

However, Munich had a midweek game against FC Cologne. Salihamizic, general manager of Munich, said of Gnabri, “It was like an amateur. He plans to hold an interview with him,” he said. Since then, Munich has won consecutive 1-1 draws against Cologne and Frankfurt, putting the red light on the winning front.
Regarding this, German soccer legend Matheus, who is active as a commentator for ‘Sky Sports’ in Germany, said, “Gnabry’s trip to Paris is nothing compared to Manuel Neuer. Gnabri is receiving excessive criticism.”

Neuer suffered a serious leg injury while skiing last month and was out for the season. Matheus’ opinion is that Gnabry didn’t do much damage to the team. However, Gnabry has not been able to taste the goal for the third game after the Bundesliga restart.

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