Opened in 1955, Geumyang Co., Ltd. is the first company to localize ‘saccharin’. It is a kind of sweetener that tastes sweet, and it is the raw material that was caught in the media after a Samsung affiliate (Korea Fertilizer) smuggled it in from Japan through political funds스포츠토토. The raw material manufacturing company that caused a stir in modern history later expanded its business to foaming agents (chemicals that cause foaming). Its global market share is said to be around 30%. When I was at, I took over ‘I Love School’ and got caught up in a lawsuit and tasted the bitter taste. A small local company in Busan with about 100 employees. Geum Yang is the hottest star in the stock market these days.

■ Battery Righteous? The leader of the ant army?

This time because of the secondary battery. In March of last year, Geumyang added ‘development, manufacturing and sales of batteries and materials’ to its business purpose. It is impossible to talk about the background of emerging as a representative battery stock without mentioning Park Soon-hyeok, the former public relations director of Geumyang, who is known as ‘The Battery Mister’. Claiming to be a K- battery evangelist, he led the investment craze by setting up a day with the Yeouido stock market. At the beginning of this year, stocks related to secondary batteries were on the rise, and among individual investors, where distrust in the stock market was prevalent, he gained the title of leader.

The controversy came about when he appeared on a YouTube broadcast last month. Former director Park said that Geumyang plans to sell 170 billion won worth of treasury stock, and specifically mentioned the method of sale, such as a block deal (bulk trading after hours). The Korea Exchange viewed the disclosure of its plan to dispose of treasury stocks through a specific media as a violation of its disclosure obligations. Geumyang belatedly disclosed the related information in two weeks, but was eventually designated as an unfaithful disclosure corporation on the 16th. The day before the designation, former director Park resigned from the company.

■ Securing a mine worth 100 trillion won with 80 billion won?

There are many opinions about Geumyang’s investment in overseas mine development. On the 10th, Kumyang announced that it had signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to acquire a 60% stake in Mongla, which owns the right to develop the Lstay mine in Mongolia, for $60 million (approximately KRW 79.3 billion ) . At the same time, it disclosed the reserves of lithium (360,000 tons) and tungsten (650,000 tons) of Mongolian mines on the company website, and announced that the estimated value was 118 trillion won. Due to such favorable announcement, the stock price of Geumyang soared to 22.65% (70,400 won) at one point on the day after the announcement (11th).

There are also suspicions that the entity itself is unclear after announcing that it had signed an MOU with Geumyang in October of last year to develop a mine in Congo, Africa . Geumyang disclosed that the capital of the corporation was about 420,000 won, but when the issue was raised, former director Park explained that it was a ‘paper company’. In the market, it is pointed out that specific information on the counterparty is lacking, and that the MOU disclosure was made without verification. The Korea Exchange is in the position that ” it is difficult to verify the authenticity of the MOU as there is no provision for allowing disclosure of the MOU.”

■ Nearly 40% decline in about a month

Geumyang will be incorporated into the KOSPI 200 from the 9th of next month. This means that it has become one of the representative stocks in the domestic stock market due to its high trading volume and high market capitalization. You can expect an inflow of funds, but at the same time, short selling is possible, so it is evaluated as a ‘bad news rather than a good thing’.

Perhaps that is why, on the 19th, the last trading day, Geumyang closed at 54,700 won, a slight increase. It has fallen by nearly 40% in just over a month since it hit a record high of nearly 90,000 won per share on April 10th.

■ Yeouido’s self-inflicted ‘battery man’ phenomenon

Is stock price boosting or excessive vigilance? Geum-yang is unfair. In a phone call with KBS, former director Park Soon- hyeok explained, “The Financial Supervisory Service and others seem to misunderstand that Geumyang’s resource development in Congo and Mongolia is an ‘operation’,” and explained, “I resigned to protect the company.”

Many of the individual investors surround former director Park, saying, “Don’t bother the battery man.” When it was pointed out that Yeouido securities companies only represented the interests of institutional investors, former director Park won the hearts of ants with an easy and excellent explanation. Perhaps the ‘Battery Man Syndrome’ originated from a thirst for economic mentors in a stuffy market.

Whether former director Park can remain as a mentor to the ants will be known after the financial authorities inspect the ‘ secondary battery theme stock’. The Financial Supervisory Service said that there are 54 listed companies that have added secondary batteries to their business purpose for one year from March this year, and plans to look into whether stock prices have risen abnormally or whether major shareholders have sold their stocks. Lee Bok-hyeon, head of the Financial Supervisory Service, said at an executive meeting at the end of last month, “The stock market is overheating, with credit transactions soaring due to the frenzy of investment in new businesses such as secondary batteries.” ” he instructed.

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