Anthony (Manchester United) talked about his tattoos filling his skin.

Soccer players often tattoo special moments and things they want to remember. Anthony’s skin is also full of various meanings.

Anthony scored a goal after joining Manchester United and pointed the finger at a tiger tattoo. At the time, Anthony said, “It’s a tattoo I made with my brother메이저놀이터. Only people who share memories with me know the meaning.”

Anthony added, “There is a chain pendant tattoo on the neck. The tattoo on the sleeve also has a special meaning.”

It’s full of secrets, but the tattoo on the thigh is instantly recognizable to anyone who sees it. A medal for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. The Brazil U24 national team won the tournament and won the gold medal. Anthony played 112 minutes of the final against Spain, contributing to a 2-1 victory.

Anthony announced that he would get a new tattoo through an interview with the Manchester United club media. The next tattoo was revealed to be ‘favela’. Favela means ‘little hell’ and refers to a Brazilian slum.

“I will renew the favela where I grew up,” said Anthony. It is a tattoo to symbolize that Anthony, who was born in a slum, has grown into a world-class soccer player.

Manchester United lifted the Carabao Cup championship this season, and are looking forward to winning the English FA Cup and the European Football Federation (UEFA) Europa League (UEL). From next season, he will also challenge the English Premier League (EPL) trophy. After an Olympic gold medal tattoo, a new tattoo may appear to commemorate another victory.

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