2023 YK Gungi Cup Final League 3R 1G
Kang Dong-yoon and Kim Seung-gu won 216 moves

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han 메이저놀이터Chang-gyu) Kang Dong-yoon, 9th Dan, the winner of the previous year of YK Gungi Cup, recorded his 2nd win in the final league. Kang Dong-yoon 9th dan defeated Kim Seung-gu 1st dan in the 3rd round 1 match held at the Baduk TV studio on the afternoon of the 29th.

Kang Dong-yoon, 9th dan, put pressure on the opponent with his thickness, and Kim Seung-gu, 1st dan, struggled against the opponent’s thickness. It took 2 hours and 39 minutes and 216 moves to collect the stone, but for spectators, the tension in the game dropped much earlier.

Kang Dong-yoon, 9th dan after the national team, said, “I didn’t have any special determination, I heard a lot of rumors and played the game for the first time, but it seems that it was difficult until the end.”

Kang Dong-yoon, 9th Dan, advanced to the 3rd round of the finals with 2nd place (7 wins, 2 losses) in the finals of the first full-league tournament held by 10 players last year. rose to This season, he went straight to the finals as a seed.

Rookie Kim Seung-gu, a high school driver, passed the rookie group preliminaries specially created by YK Gungi-bae. He wrote a record of reaching the final round of the overall game after 50 days of joining the pro 5.

Kang Dong-yoon, who lost to 9-dan Park Jeong-hwan after defeating Lee Chang-ho, 9-dan, rose to a league record of 2 wins and 1 loss. After losing to Won Seong-jin, 9th Dan, Kim Seung-gu, who defeated Lee Chang-ho, 9th Dan, retreated with a league record of 1 win and 2 losses.

The 2023 YK Gungi Cup, which is in its second season this year, is competing for the championship in the first and second rounds of preliminary rounds, the final league, and the 5th final stage. The prize money is 60 million won for the winner and 30 million won for the runner-up.

The schedule for the finals leading into April is Park Jeong-hwan – Lee Chang-ho (18:7) on the 3rd, Byeon Sang-il – Shin Min-jun (13:6) on the 4th, Shin Jin-seo – Won Seong-jin (3:3) on the 5th, Shin Min-jun – Kang Dong-yoon (8: 10) on the 10th. 4), Byeon Sang-il – Kim Seung-gu (0:0) on the 11th, Won Seong-jin – Lee Chang-ho (10:11, relative record in parentheses) on the 12th.

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