Figure skating national team member Hae-na Lim (19)-Ye-kwan (22 and above) ranked last in ice dance and rhythm dance메이저놀이터, the first event of the 2022-2023 International Skating Union (ISU) Figure Skating World Team Trophy, a national competition. It is.

Lim Hae-na and Ye Kwan-zo received 39.48 technical points (TES) and 30.48 artistic points (PCS), a total of 69.96 points, at the Team Trophy Rhythm Dance held at the Tokyo Gymnasium in Tokyo, Japan on the 13th.

The two players finished at the bottom of the six groups that participated in the tournament, with just seven ranking points.

USA’s Madison Chok-Evan Bates pair took first place with a score of 93.91, earning 12 ranking points, while Italy’s Charlene Guignard-Marco Fabri pair came second with 90.90 points, earning 11 points.

Since the team trophy determines the final ranking by summing up points for each event, it is important that all participating players achieve even results.

Im Hae-na and Ye-kwan were the first to perform among the six groups.

The two players, who started choreographing to Camila Cabello’s ‘Don’t Go Yet’, performed their first task, Sequential Twizzle, at the highest level of difficulty, level 4, earning a base score of 7.34 and a GOE of 1.71. .

In the midline step sequence that followed, I received a level 3.

The pattern dance performance was a bit disappointing.

Missed 2 moves out of 4 key points.

After processing the following Choreographic Rhythm Sequence as Level 1, the two players finished the match by performing the Rotational Lift, a high-level technique in which a male player holds a female player and rotates, at Level 4, the highest level of difficulty.

On the first day of this event, ice dance rhythm dance, women’s single short program and men’s single short program will be held.

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