“Game 4 is going to be a really tough game. If we win again메이저놀이터, Adesanya will no longer have to worry. Then Pereira could even look to the light heavyweight title.”

Glover Teixeira, the recently retired former light heavyweight champion and Alex Pereira’s coach and mentor, thinks the next fight will be the most difficult.

However, he predicts that Ferreira, armed with ‘confidence’ as he became the champion, will win again if he concentrates.

Pereira defeated undefeated middleweight champion Israel Adesanya by TKO three times at UFC 281 to become the UFC champion in three fights.

Pereira (7-1 MMA, 4-0 UFC) defeated Adesanya (23-2 MMA, 12-2 UFC) in all three fights.

Twice in kickboxing and once in MMA, UFC 287 on April 9th ​​may be the fourth and second final fight in the UFC. .

Teixeira said, “Pereiga is the opposite of Adesanya, and he became stronger as he became champion,” but said that Adesanya was never an easy player.

“He’s really strong. You don’t know when or how it will turn out if you don’t put the pressure on until the end. The first victory was thanks to Adesanya’s loopholes being focused and focused. and training again.”

Adesanya is strong, but Teixeira believes that Pereira can overcome that strength, and also said that Pereira will go from light heavyweight to heavyweight.

I think Ferreira’s physical condition (height 1m93) and skills are enough, but considering the pain of losing weight, Woljang may be better. 

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