NC Dinos Sidearm Lee Jae-hak achieved the first quality start of the season. 

Lee Jae-hak started in the Futures League away match against Sangmu at Mungyeong Stadium on the 20th, and recorded 1 hit, 3 walks and카지노 1 run in 6 innings. Making his first quality start of the season.

In the first inning, Lee Jae-hak, who tied the three batters, Choi Won-joon, Koo Bon-hyuk, and Park Seung-gyu, was hit with a triple by Na Seung-yeop, the lead batter, in the second inning. Lee Jae-hak, who gave Choi In-ho a walk, induced Cheon Seong-ho to ground to first base. In the meantime, third base runner Na Seung-yeop scored a home run. Lee Jae-hak ended the inning by inducing Kim Do-hwan and Park Min to ground the shortstop and foul fly the shortstop, respectively.

Lee Jae-hak, who handled the reimbursement right in the third inning, gave Choi Won-joon a walk. Then, he induced Bon-Hyeok Koo to the left fielder’s fly, and after a full count with Seung-Gyu Park, the catcher struck out.

In the 4th inning, Na Seung-yeop, Choi In-ho, and Chun Seong-ho all hit base, and Lee Jae-hak completed the second tripartite inning. He then finished the inning by tying up three batters.

After one out in the sixth inning, he gave up a walk to Park Seung-gyu, but finished the inning without allowing a run. Lee Jae-hak passed the mound to Kim Nok-won in the 7th inning. NC won 9-6 after a bloody battle in the 11th overtime. 

Lee Jae-hak, who signed a free agent contract in December of last year for a contract period of up to 900 million won for 2+1 years, is waiting for a call-up from the first team while digesting the Futures selection rotation. Manager Kang In-kwon emphasized the need to lower the walk rate.

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