The coach put a lot of emphasis on rebounding, so I thought about it throughout the game. Shin I-seul (23, 170cm) expressed her will to rebound.

Yongin Samsung Life Insurance won 63-51 in a confrontation with Bucheon Hanawon Q in the 5th round of the Shinhan Bank 안전놀이터 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league held at Bucheon Gymnasium on the 4th.

Shin Iseul played 35 minutes and 47 seconds, recording 11 points, 8 rebounds and 4 assists, including 3 3-pointers, leading the team to victory. With 2:21 left at the end of the game, Shin I-seul hit a 3-point shot and overcame Hana 1Q’s pursuit.

Iseul Shin said of his victory, “It was difficult because it was a game after a day off, but all the players worked hard and it feels good to win.”

Despite being in the guard position, Shin Iseul showed his will to rebound by catching 8 following the last 9 against Woori Bank. In response, Shin Iseul said, “The coach put a lot of emphasis on rebounding, so I thought about it throughout the game. I still get scolded a lot, but he compliments me from time to time. If you do well in the shooting, rebounding, and passing areas that you have been emphasizing, they will praise you.”

Shin I-seul said, “Samsung Life Insurance is steadily gaining opportunities after the injuries of key guards Lee Joo-yeon and Kiana. His skills have improved recently, such as winning the 4th round MIP. Shin Dew expressed his gratitude by presenting drinks and cosmetics to his teammates. Regarding his impressions of the 4th round MIP, Shin Iseul said, “I didn’t even think of it. I was happy after receiving it. I think I did it with my teammates, not by myself. He thanked his teammates,” he said.

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