A local court has ruled that a Chinese company was justified in firing an employee who spent up to six hours a day in the restroom due to hemorrhoids메이저놀이터.

According to the South China Morning Post (SCMP), a temporary employee who had hemorrhoid surgery was fired by the company for spending more time in the restroom during work hours.

According to the report, Mr. A’s time in the restroom varied from a low of 47 minutes to a high of 196 minutes per day, especially after July 2015, when he spent an average of three hours and as much as six hours in the restroom per day.

Eventually, the company decided that Mr. A was unable to perform his normal duties and fired him. Mr. A filed an invalidation lawsuit in court, but the court sided with the company.

The local court ruled that “in the context of the recent case, Mr. A’s prolonged stay in the restroom every day was beyond his reasonable menstrual needs,” and that “the company’s dismissal was justified.”

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