Speed ​​skating mid-to-long distance signboard Kim Min-seok, who caused an accident while driving drunk at Jincheon National Training Center in Chungcheongbuk-do, was sentenced to a fine in the first trial.

The Cheongju District Court sentenced Kim Min-seok and Jeong Jae-woong to a fine of 4 million won yesterday (9th) for driving while intoxicated with blood alcohol concentrations of 0.083% and 0.168%, respectively, in July of last year.

The court said that they were reflecting and taking메이저놀이터 into account the fact that they were first offenders, their age, and their occupation.

According to the rules of the Korea Sports Council, if you are sentenced to a fine of 5 million won or more for drunk driving, you will be disqualified from the national team for 3 years after the sentence is finalized, and less than 5 million won for 2 years.

The two, who were sentenced to a fine of 4 million won, have opened the way to participate in the 2026 Winter Olympics.

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