One vote for party members, one vote for delegates!”

A group of staunch supporters of Democratic Party leader Lee Jae-myung visited the Yeouido National Assembly in Seoul on the 1st and delivered these demands in person to all Democratic Party lawmakers’ offices. Appearing under the name of “Democratic Party National Delegates Demanding Reform” (Min Daeryeon), they went to lawmakers’ offices in groups of two and delivered “reform train mobile boarding passes” and took authentication photos.

The QR code on the boarding passes they presented contained demands such as revising the delegate system and voting for all party members, which have been controversial within the party recently. In intra-party elections, both party members and delegates should be given the same one-person-one-vote to ensure equality of votes, and an electronic election system should be introduced to ensure transparency in the election process. They also called for more all-party voting and less central committee power: “Major party decisions should be made by all party members,” they said, “and even if the congress decides on a party line, conduct a poll of party members and make the results public.” The idea is to ensure that there is a consensus among lawmakers and party members. In addition, the central committee’s authority to cut off members at the convention should be handed over to a vote of the members, and the rights of the members should be greatly strengthened스포츠토토.

It is said that the pro-Myung leadership, led by Lee Jae-myung, has recently been pushing for the “abolition and adjustment of the delegate system,” while the “dog daughters” (daughters of reform) and other pro-Kang supporters have also begun to make direct moves. In the meantime, pro-Ming lawmakers have been demanding the abolition or reduction of the delegate system, saying that “the value of the votes exercised by right members and delegates in intra-party elections is different, distorting democracy within the party.” In addition, it is pointed out that the supporters of Kang Sung have also appeared and are directly pressuring the lawmakers’ offices.

Some have pointed out that this is reminiscent of the past when pro-Kang Sung groups visited lawmakers’ offices and demanded that they sign a pledge to coordinate prosecutors’ investigations. In 2021, pro-Moon groups such as the Blue Rose Citizen Action sent a pledge to lawmakers stating that “the complete abolition of prosecutorial investigative powers must be fully realised within the term of President Moon Jae-in” and asked them to sign it. A Democratic Party official said, “In the same way that the extreme pro-Moon groups did in the past, this time the hardline pro-Moon supporters are pressuring lawmakers to ‘go with Lee Jae-myung to the general election.'”

The abolition of the delegate system is expected to continue as there are many internal disagreements within the party. At the parliamentary assembly on the 25th of last month, top committee members Chung Cheong-rae and Kim Yong-min, who are pro-Myung-in, called for the abolition and adjustment of the delegate system, but were met with a backlash from non-Myung-in lawmakers who said, “Why are you suddenly talking about abolishing the delegate system before the general election, not the national convention?” The day after the congress, Jang Kyung-tae, a pro-Myung-kye member, reported to the party leadership a proposal to lower the ratio of delegates’ votes to those of right-wing members from the current 60:1 to 20:1, and a proposal to change the system to a one-person, one-vote system for right-wing members and delegates.

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