Novak Djokovic (Serbia, 1st place) was eliminated from the men’s professional tennis (ATP) tour BNL Italy International quarterfinals by being blocked by Denmark’s ‘divine’ Holger Rune (7th place).

Djokovic was defeated by Rune 1-2 (6-2 4-6 6-2) in the quarterfinals of the singles tournament held in Rome, Italy on the 17th (local time).

Djokovic, who had won the event six times, starting with his first win in 2008, stopped trying to win his seventh title. Last year’s champion Djokovic’s second consecutive defeat was also frustrated.

Djokovic won consecutively at the first round of the Adelaide International and the Australian Open in January of this year, but has rarely tasted a win since.

After this tournament, Djokovic plans to give up the No. 1 spot to Carlos Alcaras (Spain, No. 2) in the world rankings to be announced next week. Alkaras was eliminated in the 3rd round of this tournament, but has reserved the first place.

Djokovic, who lost to Rune in the Paris Masters final in November last year, gave up another victory to Rune.

Rune took a 2-1 lead against Djokovic. Among active players who have faced Djokovic at least once, only Rune, Nick Kyrios (Australia, 26th), and Irji Veseli (Czech Republic, 456th) are ahead of the opponent.

Rune’s opponent in the quarterfinals was Casper Ruud (Norway, 4th place). Ruud defeated Francisco Serundolo (Argentina, 31st) 2-0 (7-6<7-5> 6-4) in the quarterfinals to advance to the semifinal stage.

Born in 2003, 20-year-old Rune is aiming for his second ATP 1000 series championship after last year’s Paris Masters. The ATP Masters 1000 메이저사이트Series tournaments are held nine times a year at a level just below the majors.

When asked after the match if he had any advice for Rune, Djokovic said, “I’ll have to get a tip from Rune. Rune beat me twice. Rune is doing really well, so I don’t have any advice.”

Regarding losing the No. 1 spot to Alkaras, Djokovic said: “A new generation is already here. Alkaras, who have booked the world No. 1 spot, are playing amazing tennis. It’s a good thing, nothing special.”

In the Women’s Professional Tennis (WTA) Tour 1000 Series tournament, which is being held together, Iga Sibiontech (Poland), world number 1, withdrew during the quarterfinal match against Elena Rivakina (Kazakhstan, 6th).

Sibiong Tech, who brought the first set to a game score of 6-2, surrendered the second set to 6-7 <3-7> after a tie-break, and gave up the game when the game score of the third set was 2-2.

Sibiong Tech, who slipped significantly during the tie-break in the second set, called a medical timeout and came out with a bandage on his right thigh and started running again. In the end, however, he declared his withdrawal during the third set.

Sibiong Tech was hampered by an injury, and his dream of winning three consecutive years was shattered.

Due to the injury, the prospect of the second major tournament of the season, the French Open, which opens on the 28th, has been clouded. The French Open is a tournament in which Sibion ​​Tech has been strong by winning in 2020 and 2022.

Rivakina will meet Yelena Ostapenko (Latvia, 8th place) in the semifinals. Ostapenko defeated Paula Vadosa (Spain, 35th) 2-1 (6-2 4-6 6-3) in the quarterfinals.

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