Charlie Freeman, son of Los Angeles Dodgers slugger Freddie Freeman (34), made a cute mistake. The audience couldn’t help laughing at Charlie’s words.

Freeman attended the Team Fan Fest event held at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California on the 5th (Korean time). Participating with his son, he greeted fans after a long time.

Freeman continued his busy career like a superstar. He immediately participated in an interview with his son on ‘Sports Net LA’, an American local media. Charlie got a lot of attention from the hosts. He received several questions following Freeman, and one of them made the audience laugh.

The host asked Charlie, “Who is your favorite player on the Dodgers?” Charlie shyly replied, “Trey Turner.”

Trey Turner left the Dodgers before this season and moved to Philadelphia as a free agent. He signed a large 11-year contract of 300 million dollars (approximately 375 billion won) and was recognized for his value as a special shortstop. 스포츠토토

Trey Turner recorded a batting average of 0.307 (264 hits in 859 at-bats), 31 home runs, 128 RBIs, and an OPS of 0.843 in 212 games during the year and a half he played for the Dodgers. He was loved by many Dodgers fans for not only leading the offense but also boasting excellent defense as a shortstop. Charlie also fell in love with his performance and chose Trey Turner as his favorite player. However, he did not seem to know that he was not a Dodgers player.

The reporters laughed again and said, “Please choose from among the Dodgers players now.” Charlie said, “Mookie Betts (31),” and Freeman agreed, “Betts gets a lot of choices. I want to choose Betts too.”

Freeman continued to show affection for Charlie. He boasted that he changed his appearance song ahead of the new season on the recommendation of his son. “He doesn’t understand the lyrics, but he loves to dance to the song,” she explained, explaining why he changed the song.

Meanwhile, Freeman showed confidence in winning the World Series this coming season. In an interview with a local radio broadcast on the 1st, “We are still a good force. The 29 teams that did not win should use that (winning) as motivation. We have one goal,” he said strongly.

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