The first Korean UFC light heavyweight fighter, Jeong Da-down (30), fell into a swamp of two consecutive losses.

Daun Jung defeated Devin Clark (USA) in 스포츠토토 the co-main event light heavyweight (under 93kg, 3 rounds of 5 minutes) at the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on the 5th (Korean time). was defeated by As a result of the judge’s decision, all three gave Clark a higher score, 30-27.

After making his UFC debut in 2019, he won 5 consecutive wins (excluding 1 draw) and suffered his first UFC loss to Dustin Jacobi (USA) in July of last year. His career record was 15 wins and 4 losses.

Daun Jung engaged in a clinch fight at the start of the first round. At first, Clark pushed forward, but right away, Jung Da-un changed positions and counterattacked by grabbing the opponent’s waist from behind.

Daun Jeong allowed a takedown with about a minute left in the first round, but it happened right away. In the second half of the round, Jung Da-un attempted a takedown, but instead landed under him and was hit with a pounding punch.

Daun Jung continued to fight for position while facing Clark in the second round. But he seldom got an advantage. He continued to struggle with Clark’s sticky tackling and clinch.

Jung Da-un, who judged that he was at a disadvantage until the second round, actively aimed for a finish in the third round. He put pressure on his opponents with big punches and kicks. He then knocked Clark over with about 3 minutes left in the round, then attempted an arm triangle choke from a top position.

However, he could not complete Jung Da-un’s submission technique. Clark, who came out of the ground, shook Jung-down with a blow. Daun Jung counterattacked with a sudden muay thai style knee kick and backspin elbow, but could not do much damage to Clark.

Rather, Jeong Da-woon was knocked down while allowing a big tackle on Clark right before the end of the third round. When the end buzzer sounded, Jeong Da-un’s face was full of deep regret.

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