“Now I know how it goes.”

The All-Star Game held at Sajik Stadium in Busan on March 15 was the first All-Star Game experience for Hanwha Eagles’ Noh Si-hwan. In 2021, when he was first selected as one of the Best 12, there was no All-Star Game due to COVID-19 and only individual awards were given out, so the expectations for him and the fans were high.

When I asked him how he felt about going to the All-Star Game while he was training for the second half of the season, he said, “I didn’t do well, but I think I came back with a good experience. It was my first All-Star Game, and I think it will remain a good memory, a fun memory.”

There was a reason he said “I didn’t do well”. Noh finished the first half as the home run leader with 19 cannonballs, but in the home run race the day before the All-Star Game, he didn’t hit a single one over the fence. “It was stupid. I regret that I was in a hurry. When I got out, I felt like I could hit it well if I went back in,” he recalled.온라인바카라

He was also disappointed in the main match on the 15th. Noh, who was voted Best 12, started at third base and batted sixth and played full time, but went 0-for-4. “I wasn’t thinking about Mr. All-Star, I was expecting to win the best hitter award, but I couldn’t hit from the beginning, and (Kim) Hye-sung didn’t hit either, so we were both thinking, ‘Let’s hit one,’ but in the end, neither of us could hit,” he said with a bitter smile.

There were other disappointments. At the All-Star Game, players performed various costumes and dances to the delight of the fans, but Noh Si-hwan, who has a reputation for being a big eater, was surprisingly quiet. “I thought about performing, but I couldn’t come up with an idea,” he said.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t until after the All-Star Game that the light bulb went off. “It was my resignation, and it was after Lee Dae-ho retired, so I asked him to put on some makeup and play some cheers, so I wish I could have imitated him, but it’s too bad it’s over now,” Noh said.

“The idea came from talking to (Choi) Jae-hoon. He said, ‘I was looking forward to it, but why didn’t you perform? He told me that he was disappointed that I just walked out and said, ‘Noh Si Hwan is coming out now,'” he said.

“Now I know how it works. I know how the home run race goes, and I know how the performance goes, so I think I can do better if I go again next year,” he laughed.

The All-Star break was not what he expected, but it was still fun. Now, with the fun and disappointment behind him, Noh is looking forward to the second half of the season. With the Asian Games on the horizon for him and his team, he knows how important the second half of the season is.

“It’s been a season with a lot of changes from the start, but I’m happy that it’s going well and that I finished the first half with good results and no injuries. But there are many players who play well in the first half. The most important thing is to maintain it in the second half.”

He added: “You can’t be tired. I think there will be a point in the second half where I’ll be physically and mentally tired, but I need to get through it quickly and finish the season well without getting injured. I worked hard in the first half, but in the second half, every game is more important, so I’ll have to sacrifice a little more for the team and be careful.”

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