An 8.5-fold version of the world’s first square cup noodle ‘Dosirak’ is coming out. It is a stand-alone product introduced by convenience store GS25 in collaboration with Paldo. It is a strategy to capture the topic like CU ‘s hit ‘Yonsei Milk Fresh Cream Bread’ and at the same time take the initiative in the domestic cup ramen market, which is approaching 1 trillion won카지노사이트.

According to related industries on the 21st, GS25 will release ‘Paldo Jumbo Lunchbox (extra large cup)’ through its own brand ( PB ) Youus at the end of this month . Paldo was in charge of manufacturing. The weight of the Paldo jumbo lunchbox reaches 648g, which is 8.5 times more than the existing lunchbox (75g). The width and length are 27.8 cm and 33.5 cm, respectively, larger than A4 paper. As the quantity is large, the price is set at 8,500 won per piece. GS25 plans to aggressively carry out marketing of Paldo Jumbo Lunchbox through social network services ( SNS ) such as the ‘Mukbang (Eating Broadcasting)’ YouTube channel . An official from GS25 said, “We will first operate in limited quantities, then look at consumers’ reactions and review the release of official products.”

Lunch box cup noodles. /Photo courtesy = Paldo

GS25 expects to secure a fandom of customers in their 10s and 20s through the Paldo Jumbo Lunch Box and to achieve the effect of purchasing other products together. Yonsei Milk Cream Bread, which CU launched early last year, has emerged as a filial product, surpassing 30 million cumulative sales this month in about 16 months, and CU succeeded in winning the title of ‘convenience store cream bread’.

There is also a hidden intention to take the initiative in the domestic cup ramen market. According to Euromonitor, a market research institute, the size of the domestic cup noodle market last year reached 917.5 billion won, an 11% increase from the previous year, exceeding the sales growth rate of bag noodles (6%). The industry expects to exceed 1 trillion won this year. Narrowing down based on offline-oriented Nielsen data, the share of cup noodles in the total ramen market increased from 30% in 2012 to 41% last year.

GS25 is considered a strong player in the ramen category with its own brands such as ‘Niche Ramen’ and ‘Gonghwachunjajang’. An industry insider said , “Cup ramen is a representative item that attracts customers in their teens and twenties .”

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