Photoshopped photos of the face of Yoo Jung-jeong, 23, who murdered a young woman and mutilated her body in Busan, have been circulating online, sparking controversy메이저놀이터.

Recently, photoshopped photos of Jung Yoo-jeong’s face with titles such as “Jung Yoo-jeong when she lost weight and made up” and “Jung Yoo-jeong took off her glasses” have been published on various online communities.

The photos show Jung Yoo Jung taking off her glasses, applying makeup, and smiling broadly.

Some netizens commented, “She looks pretty without her glasses,” “This is a face that will be popular,” and others commented, “You’re doing everything with a killer’s photo,” “Isn’t it fun to evaluate a killer’s face while photoshopping it. I’m scared,” etc.

As the photos have spread online, some netizens have called for South Korea to follow the lead of the United States in releasing mug shots of suspects in violent crimes.

[Busan=News] Reporter Ha Kyung-min = Jung Jeong-jeong, 23, whose identity was released after she was arrested on suspicion of killing a fellow woman and tampering with and disposing of her body, moves in a convoy at Dongnae Police Station in Busan to be handed over to prosecutors on June 2. 2023.06.02.

On June 1, the release of Jung Yoo-jeong’s identity was finalized, and news comments protesting “why show old photos” continued, saying that the released photo showed a distance from her current appearance.

When she was sent to the prosecutor’s office, her face was unrecognizable because her hat was pressed down and her mask was pulled up under her eyes.

Earlier, Jung was arrested on March 26 for murdering a female college student in her 20s whom she knew through a tutoring application (app) and disposing of her mutilated body parts in a suitcase (carrier).

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