In Korea, apartments are the number one place to live. There are many people who prefer apartments for various reasons, but many say that living in a ‘detached house with a yard’ is a lifelong romance when circumstances permit. Perhaps that’s why, every year , a lot of people flock to the detached housing site supplied by the Korea Land and Housing Corporation ( LH ). Unlike in the past, as more and more people value the quality of housing, their popularity is soaring. It is prepared for those who have a desire to buy land and build their own house. Detached house lot A to Z!

Detached house built in a new city

As the name suggests, single-family housing land refers to land on which a single-family house can be built. How can we save this land? Individuals can sell their feet and purchase land directly through a real estate agency. There is also a way to purchase land supplied by LH , a government-affiliated organization . This article deals with the latter. Land for detached houses supplied by

LH is divided into ① residential use and ② combined use for shops. Residential use is land that has been designated for the purpose of building only residential houses, commonly referred to as detached houses. Although there are some differences depending on the region, residential land supplied by LH can usually be used to build a house of 4 stories or less, including piloti (a structure in which the first floor is supported only by pillars without external walls and used as a parking space). Commercial land that can be used as a commercial building is known as profitable real estate. For example, if you build a 4-story building, the first floor is a store, the second and third floors are studios, and the top floor is where you live. ‘You can buy any land, why are you buying LH land?’ You may wonder. There are many advantages to dispelling this question. LH is an organization that creates new towns. It plays the role of neatly creating areas where apartments, shopping malls, detached houses, green facilities, and schools will be built by buying large land.

In other words, you can build a detached house in a new city with a clean residential environment, complete with urban infrastructure . There is no need for the landlord to have trouble paving the road in front of the house or opening water and sewage systems. If an individual buys a detached house site through real estate, he or she cannot enjoy these advantages.

Looking at the results of land subscription for detached houses sold by LH last year , the competition rate for residential use was particularly high. A whopping 4,318 people flocked to the pre-sale of 8 parcels for residential use in Hwaseong Taean District 3, Gyeonggi Province (1 parcel is usually 280㎡), recording an average competition rate of 538 to 1. The highest competition rate was 1,192 to 1, which means that 1,192 people applied for one lot.

What is the popular background? Hwaseong Taean District 3 is a project to develop a housing site that can accommodate 3,763 households in Anyeong-dong, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do. Due to reasons such as the protection of nearby cultural assets, the construction progress was slow, and only recently, after 20 years, the first stage of land development was completed. It is evaluated as an eco-friendly green complex with historical parks and green parks surrounding half of the earth . Kindergarten, elementary and middle schools are also planned to be built in this area , so the educational infrastructure is also excellent.

A nearby agency explains that young generations who want to raise their children in a good environment, as well as middle-aged households, have flocked to the subscription for single-family homes. Just as apartments with excellent living infrastructure and educational environment are popular, so are detached houses. For the same reason, the land for residential use introduced in the Godeok International Planning District in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do was also popular enough to record a competition rate of 1,161 to 1. There is no need to be intimidated because the competition rate is very different even for paper supplied in the same region.

Pyeongtaek Godeok (74 to 1), Uiwang Chopyeong (74 to 1), Miryang Nano National Industrial Complex (73 to 1), and Chungnam Asan Tangjeong (70 to 1) recorded a high competition rate for the combined use of stores. Compared to residential land, its popularity is low. This is largely attributable to the fact that the government changed the method of subscribing for land for commercial use from lottery to competitive bidding in 2017 to prevent overheating of subscription. Like an auction, the person with the higher price wins. The higher the land price, the lower the return on investment, but recently, with the growth of online shopping, the investment attractiveness of shopping malls is not the same as before.

Attention to Incheon Yeongjong and Gwacheon Knowledge Information Town

LH recently posted a land schedule on its website along with this year’s land supply plan. In the second half of this year, a total of 747 plots ( see table ) for detached houses (residence and stores) will be poured out. Of these, 504 lots are residential only.

Recently, the supply of land for LH detached houses is on the decline. It is said that this is due to the recent completion of the large-scale housing development district메이저놀이터. Supply is expected to increase again from 2026 when the 3rd new town development to develop Namyangju, Hanam, Bucheon, and Incheon Gyeyang in Gyeonggi Province is completed.

LH ‘s detached housing site is supplied by the housing site development district. In the metropolitan area, single-family housing sites are available only in Gyeonggi and Incheon, where housing site development is underway, and there are none in Seoul. In Seoul, the fastest way is to buy land and build a detached house.

In addition, since the supply period changes from time to time, you must visit the LH Subscription Center website and check the land sales notice. If the sale announcement does not come up, you can call the LH sales center (031-738-4521) or the local headquarters and ask if the subscription schedule has changed.

In June, 299 parcels and 179 parcels of land for residential use will be supplied in Unjeongin City, Paju, Gyeonggi Province, and Yeongjong New Town, Incheon, respectively. Hyangnam, Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do (Lot 1), Gwacheon Knowledge and Information Town, Gyeonggi-do (Lot 2), Namdong, Incheon (Lot 17)Also available, but on a smaller scale.

Where to invest in a detached house? “Away from the liquidity”

All subscription procedures are done through the Internet homepage, and there is no need for a subscription passbook. Priority is given to the head of household (1 lot per household) residing in the area . Resale is restricted until the balance is paid for both residential and commercial use. About 2 years.

You will have to pay the balance 5 or 6 times during this period. LH writes a loan recommendation letter to the winner, and financial institutions can loan up to 80% of the land price . It’s much easier to get a loan than an apartment. The winners are determined by lottery for residential use and competitive bidding for combined use.

Even if you sell land for residential use, it does not mean that you can build a house right away. Usually, you have to wait 2 years as the land can be used from the time the land development is completed.

After that, the landlord hires a construction company to design the house, and if the building permit is obtained from the local government, the house can be built. It is calculated that it takes about 3 years from the date of winning the subscription to moving in . Construction costs vary greatly depending on how the house is built. If you build it a little luxuriously, it will cost about 6 to 7 million won per 3.3㎡.

If you buy residential land for 460 million won (land area of ​​245㎡) in Paju Unjeongin City and build a house with a supply area of ​​104㎡, you will need about 200 million won for the construction cost alone. The combined cost of land and construction is around 660 million won, which is higher than the pre-sale price of an apartment with a similar area nearby. For this reason, it is not very profitable to sell a detached house site for investment purposes. It is also important to note that it is not easy to buy and sell like an apartment, so the liquidity is low.

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