The National Technical Qualification Examination answer sheets were shredded before being scored. While the Korea Industrial Manpower Corporation has said it will take follow-up measures, including retesting and compensation, the controversy over equity among test takers is expected to spread. It is also difficult to avoid criticism of poor operations and management, as it was revealed that the agency did not even realize that the answer sheets had been shredded for a month.

The Korea Manpower Institute said on the 23rd that it was confirmed that the answer sheets for the ‘2023 Regular Engineer and Industrial Engineer 1st Practical Examination’ held last month at Yeonseo Middle School in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, were shredded before grading.

At the time, 609 examinees took the test in 61 categories, including construction machinery and equipment engineers. After the examination, the answer sheets were packed in bags and transported to the KEPCO’s Seoul West Branch. Due to a mistake in the handover process, the answer sheets were later shredded instead of going to the scoring center.

A total of 18 answer sheets were transferred to the Seoul West Branch, including the Yeon Seojoong answer sheet, and all of them were supposed to be stored in a safe. However, one bag of answer sheets was moved to an adjacent warehouse instead of the safe.

The answer sheets in the vault were sent to a scoring room in a different location the next day, on March 24. It would have been possible to take quicker action if it had been realized that one of the bags was empty during transportation to the scoring room, but no one checked it.

It wasn’t until the 20th of this month, when the examination papers were officially graded, that the papers of 609 examinees went missing and were already shredded. “Because there are so many national qualification exams, it is not possible to grade them immediately after they are taken,” the organization explained.

Er Su-bong, chairman of the Korea Industrial Manpower Corporation, takes questions from reporters after issuing an apology for the shredding of answer sheets for the ‘2023 regular driver and industrial engineer first practical examination’ held at Yeonsu Middle School in Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, on May 23. Yonhap News Agency

Individual guidance to 609 students… Controversy over retest equity inevitable

In the end, 609 test takers were forced to retake the exam due to the KEPCO’s sloppy management. At the time, there were a total of 151,797 test takers nationwide. Even if they take the test again, they will not be able to see the same questions, and there will be a fairness and equity controversy with those who have already completed the test.

The National Technical Qualification Examination is a question bank, which means that different questions are asked in each examination. As the organization offers six retake opportunities, this means that at least six different types of test questions need to be prepared. A number of challenges remain, including adjusting the difficulty level for unexpected retests.

There is also the possibility of a long line of lawsuits from test takers as the organization is accused of mismanagement. The fact that legitimately submitted answer sheets were shredded without grading has already caused enormous damage to test takers.

First of all, the KOCA plans to contact all 609 test takers whose answer sheets were shredded individually to apologize and explain follow-up measures.

To ensure that the test takers are not disadvantaged in utilizing their qualifications, such as taking the civil service exam, the KEPCO will provide them with an additional test opportunity from January 1 to 4 next month. It will also take measures to ensure that the test results will be announced on the same date as the announcement of the successful candidates of the first regular practical examination for engineers and industrial engineers (June 9).

Those who cannot take the test on June 1-4 due to their schedules will be allowed to take the test on June 24-25, and the results will be announced on June 27.

The KEPCO will also support transportation costs for 609 people and actively consider additional compensation measures. Those who do not retake the exam will receive a full refund of their fees.

The KITA will take strict measures, including reprimanding those responsible, and review the entire process of implementing the national technical qualification to prevent similar cases from recurring.

“As a public organization that is supposed to ensure the fairness and reliability of national qualifications, we feel a heavy sense of responsibility for what happened스포츠토토,” said Er Su-bong, chairman of the board of directors of the KITA, at an emergency briefing this morning.

“I bow my head and apologize to the public for the damage caused to the test takers due to our negligent management,” he said, adding, “We are determined to do whatever it takes to restore trust.”

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