Regarding the case in which an elderly man in his 80s was found bruised after 6 hours of disappearance, it was found that the police concluded that it was a fall, not an assault. On the 21st, the Yangju Police Station in Gyeonggi Province said, “As a result of CCTV

analysis of the movement of a woman in her 80s who went missing on the 14th, from the hospital to the last place of discovery, it was confirmed that she fell alone several times.” I see,” he said. Previously, Mr. A visited a hospital in Uijeongbu City with her son on the 14th먹튀검증, and disappeared while her son went to see a doctor. The son reported missing and was found about 6 hours later on the side of a road in Yangju, about 6km away. At the time of discovery, Mr. A had bruises around his eyes and a wound on his hand. The family suspected the possibility of assault and reported it to the police. Families also posted on online communities, saying, “Looking for witnesses to the dementia grandmother’s assault.” Police confirmed that her grandmother had been walking alone for over five hours by identifying closed circuit ( CC ) TV from the place where her grandmother disappeared to where she was found. During this process, it was investigated that her grandmother had never had contact with her other people. The police explained this to Mr. A’s family, and it was reported that the family also agreed. The family told the police, “If there was an assailant, the trauma would have been severe, but it is rather fortunate. Lucky for her grandmother,” he is said to have said.

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