There was a basement under the floor. The performance of the Oakland Athletics, who had already been at the bottom of the league after conducting a fire sale last year, is getting disastrous.

Oakland recorded 4 wins and 18 losses with a win rate of 0.182 until the 24th (Korean time). They have only won 4 out of 22 matches스포츠토토. The win/loss margin comes to -103.

The difference between Tampa Bay’s record of 19 wins and 3 losses and +88 margin in 22 games during the same period. It’s hard to imagine being a team in the same league.

In response, ESPN, an American sports channel, reported that Oakland was the first team in history to record a -100 margin in the first 21 games.

Oakland has already lost 3-18 against the Texas Rangers on the 23rd with a -100 margin. They lost 2-5 in the game on the 24th and are -103 until today.

This is beyond last year’s sluggishness. Auckland stayed at the bottom of the league last year, but recorded an odds ratio of 0.370. It was a relatively mediocre last place.

However, the recent appearance of Oakland is expected to be able to fall below the 0.235 of the Philadelphia Athletics in 1916, the lowest win rate in major league history since the two major leagues were launched in 1901.

Coincidentally, the Philadelphia Athletics in 1916 were the same team as the Oakland Athletics. Philadelphia from 1901 to 1954 and Kansas City from 1955 to 1967.

Baseball is a sport where even the winning team cannot exceed a 70% win rate, and even the last team can record a 30% win rate. It is a sport with a lot of surprises.

But there is no surprise in Oakland at the beginning of this season. And there is little chance of a rebound. Because they already sold all the good players.

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