‘Does a genius recognize a genius?’

Yoon Young-chul, a baby tiger who was hit by the fierce swing of genius hitter Lee Jung-hoo, smiled.

Lee Jung-hoo, who joined the team after completing the WBC, is accelerating preparations for the season to the extent that he trains at the Gocheok Dome without taking a break the day after returning home.

Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul on the 16th, where Kiwoom Heroes and KIA Tigers held an exhibition game. Lee Jung-hoo, Lee Ji-young, and Kim Hye-seong, who were selected for the WBC national team, trained with the squad after a long time. When Kiwoom’s flagship hitter Lee Jung-hoo returned, the atmosphere of the team seemed to be even brighter.

Lim Ji-yeol and Kim Jae-hyeon, who are usually close friends with Lee Jung-hoo, poured out questions about various pitchers Lee Jung-hoo experienced at the WBC. Lee Jung-hoo, who is not usually active in action, expressed his vivid memories with his body by drawing the trajectory of fast fastballs and breaking balls that he had never experienced in the KBO to his brothers.

He must have been tired, but Lee Jung-hoo smiled more and ran more energetically to keep the team spirit up. After the warm-up, he went to the dugout for a while and carefully picked out a bat, Lee Jung-hoo, and Lee Yong-gyu to complete his batting training메이저놀이터.

The game started at 1:00 PM. The KIA starting pitcher was Yun Young-chul, who wore the Tigers uniform as the second overall pick in the first round. Yoon Young-chul, who has been evaluated as a pitcher with high school-level pitching since his Chungam High School days, showed his true value from the first appearance of his demonstration game against Kiwoom’s batting line.

In the first inning, Kiwoom Kim Hye-seong hit the second base with two balls. With Lee Hyeong-jong, he struck out at the end of a game that went up to 7 pitches. Lee Jung-hoo at bat. Yoon Young-cheol, a baby tiger on the mound against a genius hitter, had a fastball as his first pitch.

After taking a deep breath, Yoon Yeong-chul climbed the mound and threw a 140km fastball to choose a head-to-head match, but Lee Jeong-hoo did not miss the high-mid fastball and made a neat right-handed hit.

Yoon Yeong-chul, who intuitively sensed the time when the ball was hit, accepted the result of his first ball match with a shy smile. Afterwards, Lee Jung-hoo, who stepped on second base with Russell’s walk, exchanged fist greetings with Kim Seon-bin and looked at Yoon Young-chul on the mound together.

Lee Jung-hoo, the best hitter in the KBO, also responded with a smile as if he recognized the guts of the baby tiger Yoon Young-cheol.

Yoon Young-chul, who allowed Lee Jung-hoo to hit, succeeded in revenge by handling Lee Jung-hoo as a shortstop grounder with an elaborate ball in the 3rd inning.

We hope that batting genius Lee Jeong-hoo, who is challenging the batting champion for three consecutive years, and Yoon Young-cheol, a baby tiger, who is challenging the rookie of the year with elaborate control, will lead the KBO box office with good results.

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