It has been confirmed that Bae Sang-yoon, chairman of KH Group, who has been fleeing overseas for more than a year to avoid the prosecution’s investigation, recently invited his family to Vietnam and held a yacht party, making an ‘escape from the emperor’. Chairman Bae is charged with breach of trust for causing damages of 400 billion won to KH Group affiliates and embezzlement of 65 billion won worth of funds from affiliates. He is also under investigation for alleged collusion in the bidding process for Alpensia Resort.

When the Yoon Seok-yeol government was launched in May of last year and the prosecution began an intense investigation, between the end of May and June of the same year , former Ssangbangbang Group Chairman Kim Seong-tae and Chairman Bae sequentially fled abroad. Former chairman Kim was arrested by Thai police while playing golf in Thailand in January and extradited to South Korea, and first stood in court in handcuffs.

Chairman Bae’s escape from the emperor also resembled former Chairman Kim. Recently, while on the run from Vietnam, he called his second wife, a former member of a famous hip-hop group, and her daughter to enjoy a vacation at a resort and rode a yacht. In addition, Chairman Bae is said to have held a party to celebrate last April when he made a hole-in-one while playing golf. When nine entourage members in South Korea were summoned and questioned by the prosecution, it was also investigated that they were informed of the investigation. It has also recently become known that he often gambled at casinos and ate Korean food and medicines by air.

“Bae Sang-yoon and Kim Seong-tae are an economic community”Acquaintances describe the relationship between Chairman Bae, who was born in Yeonggwang, Jeollanam-do, and a former sub-head of gang gangster Shin Young-gwang, and former Chairman Kim, who was born in Namwon, Jeonju and was born in Jeonju night gang. This is because they have built interdependent relationships in the process of transforming into entrepreneurs in the 2000s. An acquaintance familiar with the relationship between the two said, “Chairman Bae had a strong tendency to go all-in on big businesses like Alpensia and Hyatt, and former Chairman Kim, who had been in the private loan business for a long time, was the one to lend the money.”

Until the 1990s, Chairman Bae lived by committing crimes such as receiving orders from creditors and kidnapping and robbing debtors. It is said that he got to know the former chairman Kim. Even at this time, Chairman Bae borrowed funds for the acquisition from former Chairman Kim, but later changed his plan and had former Chairman Kim take over Ssangbangwool in 2010, and in the process they were both convicted of stock price manipulation. Afterwards, former Chairman Kim became the chairman of the Ssangbangwool Group, which led about 50 companies, and Chairman Bae established the KH Group of about 80 companies . KH and Ssangbangwool acquired convertible bonds ( CB ) from each other, and in April of last year, they jumped together in a bid to take over Ssangyong Motor, becoming virtually one financially.

KHappears along with Ssangbangbang in the suspicions related to Gyeonggi-do’s North Korea project during the days of Governor Lee Jae-myeong. The 2nd ‘International Convention for Peace and Prosperity in the Asia-Pacific’ co-hosted by Gyeonggi-do and the Asia-Pacific Peace Exchange Association (Asia-Pacific Association, President Ahn Boo-soo) with former Chairman Kim ‘s money It is said that many current executives attended. The event was held in Manila, Philippines on July 25-26, 2019. Chairman Bae accompanied former Chairman Kim when he met with North Korean figures in Dandong, China two months earlier.

Mobilization of executives and employees to escape the emperor토토사이트… “The company is going bankrupt”Prosecutors believe that the escape of the emperor was possible because executives and employees of the KH Group took turns going abroad to Chairman Bae and delivering funds of more than 100 million won to help . On the 13th, the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office’s Violent Crime Investigation Department (Chief Shin Joon-ho) arrested and indicted two people, including KH Group Vice Chairman Woo Tae-gyu, on charges of escaping a criminal and aiding and abetting habitual gambling. It is also known that they paid for the living expenses of Chairman Bae’s family. Chairman Bae is circumventing the investigation net by going back and forth to Hawaii, the Philippines, Singapore, and Vietnam.

In addition, the prosecution is suspected of forcing executives and employees to line up in a group and bow at 90 degrees whenever he visits the hotel when Chairman Bae was in control of Grand Hyatt Seoul. ) and forced employees to worship.

While Chairman Bae is escaping from the emperor, the company is on the decline. Five listed companies in the group, including KH Feelux, are on suspension. Rumor has it that a creditor is trying to seize the management rights of KH Group taking advantage of this crisis . A prosecution official said, “As time goes by, the damage to the good KH Group employees and shareholders is increasing.” A lawyer from Seocho-dong said, “It seems that Chairman Bae personally owes about 100 billion won in Korea because he fell in love with gambling.”

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