‘Golf Emperor’ Tiger Woods (USA)메이저놀이터 is on the operating table again.

Woods said on SNS on the 20th (Korean time), “I underwent surgery to treat post-traumatic inflammation (the right ankle ankle bone) following an ankle fracture.” The operation was performed by Dr. Martin O’Malley, and Woods returns to his home in Jupiter, Florida, to rehabilitate after surgery in New York.

In February 2021, Woods underwent major surgery to insert iron cores and screws into his right leg and ankle in a car accident. It was unclear whether he would even return, but he returned through the Masters last year. After that, he only participated in major tournaments such as the PGA Championship and The Open, and this year he participated in the Genesis Invitational and Masters.

However, he withdrew during the third round of the Masters. It’s because his plantar fasciitis has gotten worse. In the end, Woods was on the operating table once again.

The timing of his return is unclear.

Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, told the Associated Press, “Currently taking a break from surgery. Rehabilitation will begin soon.”

According to ESPN, he has at least three months to rehabilitate. He is unlikely to participate in the PGA Championship in May, the US Open in June, or the Open in July. The Golf Channel also emphasized, “With this surgery, Woods’ hopes of playing in the remaining three major tournaments have disappeared.”

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