The remarks made by manager Pep Guardiola about Manchester City’s Financial Fair Play (FFP) controversy in the past are becoming a hot topic. 토토사이트

The English Premier League (EPL) officially announced on the 6th (Korean time), “The EPL Secretariat has indicted Man City for violating the FFP. The investigation will be conducted in secret. The final results will be published on the EPL website.”

Man City has grown into a club for the rich since the late 2000s. With the UAE’s ‘oil money’ Bin Zayed Mansour’s capital invested, he lifted numerous trophies based on his tremendous financial power. As an astronomical amount was invested, a situation occurred in which the rules stipulated by the league were violated.

Correspondent Martin Ziegler of Britain’s ‘The Times’ said, “Manchester City have recently been indicted by the EPL for numerous FFP rule violations after a four-year investigation. They have received more than 100 charges. It includes ‘cutting’ or ‘exiting the league’. This is an unprecedented event.”

This is not the first time Manchester City has been accused of violating the FFP. In February 2020, Man City was disqualified from participating in the European competition and fined 30 million euros (approximately 40.6 billion won) by the European Football Federation (UFEA). At the time, Man City, who even won the appeal, had the penalty for participating in the European competition disappeared, and it was alleviated with a fine of 10 million euros (approximately 13.5 billion won).

In response, coach Pep insisted on his opinion in August of last year. At the time, Pep said: “I told our staff, ‘Tell me’ about the allegations. I defended the club because I saw them and believed them 100 percent from day one. ‘If they lie to me, I won’t be here. I’m out. I want to represent a club that is doing things right. In the end, it’s not just about winning the UEFA Champions League (UCL) or EPL, but always for our people and our fans. It’s important to do well.”

Meanwhile, coach Pep, who has commanded Man City since 2016, has won four EPL championships, one FA Cup, and four English Football League Cups (EFL Cups).

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