Adetocumbo told Durant a bone-chilling joke.

Giannis Adetokumbo (211cm, F) and Kevin Durant (208cm, F) are both superstars representing the NBA. Adetocumbo won two season MVP, one Defensive Player of the Year, one Finals MVP, and one NBA Champion, while Durant won two Season MVP, two Finals MVP, two NBA Champions, and four scoring titles. did. It’s clear that both players are great players.

But there are also big differences. Durant debuted with the Oklahoma City Thunder and moved to the Golden State Warriors to win. He formed a ‘super team’ at Golden State and won both championships. Afterwards, he moved to the Brooklyn Nets, but he failed to achieve his goal of winning there, and during this season, he moved to the Phoenix Suns and is aiming for a championship.

Conversely, Agde Tocumbo has been guarding the Milwaukee Bucks ever since his debut season. And he is a Milwaukee franchise star who has consistently played for one team and led the team to victory.

Adetocumbo, who only played for one team, recently appeared on America’s ‘Daily Show’. At the time, when the moderator mentioned Durant’s joining Phoenix, Antetocumbo said, “Durant continues to join the super team to win. But I know how to make my team a super team. (Laughter) If we work out together later, I can teach you how to lead a team.”메이저사이트

Meanwhile, Milwaukee has recently recorded 14 consecutive wins and climbed to first place in the East. Phoenix recruited Durant, but has not been able to keep pace with Durant due to an injury. Durant will make his debut on March 2 against the Charlotte Hornets.

Milwaukee and Phoenix will face off on March 15 (Korean time). If there are no major problems, Durant can play on this day. If Durant plays, attention is paid to who will be able to laugh after the game between Durant and Adetokumbo.

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