On the 8th, the Hwaseong Dongtan Police Station in Gyeonggi Province arrested a man in his 40s, A, on suspicion of soliciting minors for exploitation and violating메이저놀이터 the Child and Adolescent Sexual Protection Act.

Mr. A is suspected of having multiple sexual encounters with Ms. B, a high school girl who ran away from home for about a month from the end of April to this day, while living together in his office apartment in Hwaseong City.

It was investigated that in late April, while chatting with Ms. B, who lived in another area, on SNS, Mr. A said, “If you run away, I will feed and sleep at my house,” and began living with Ms. B at his residence.

During this time, Mr. A reportedly stayed with Ms. B, who was absent from school, and had sex with her on several occasions.

The allegations against Mr. A came to light when Ms. B called a youth counseling center on the 7th to discuss the matter.

Police arrested Mr. A at his residence at 0:10 a.m. the following day, shortly after receiving the center’s report.

“We have handed over Ms. B to her family,” said a police official. “As Mr. A had a runaway youth and did not report to the police in time, we will apply for an arrest warrant later in the day on suspicion of violating the Protection and Support of Missing Children Act.”

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