Teachers at a Korean public daycare center in Sejong left their jobs en masse, raising suspicions about poor operation of the daycare center, including food materials. In response, Sejong City launched a fact-finding investigation.

According to News 1 on the 11th, about 10 nursery teachers at this daycare center have not been going to work as a group since the 5th.

About 120 parents of the daycare center submitted a letter of consent to the dismissal of the director and filed a complaint with the National Human Rights Commission to investigate the mayor of Sejong and the director. Teachers are also planning to sue the director for injunction against dismissal, abuse of power at work, coercion, and intimidation.

The problem arose when a new director took office in November last year메이저사이트.

The teachers collectively resigned on the 5th after confrontation with the director over employment succession, employment contract writing, and daycare center operation.

Teachers who left the company also filed a complaint that the principal’s abuse of power had gone too far. The complaint alleges that Director Lee belittled the child’s appearance, practiced strict graduation ceremony, and belittled the level of economy in relation to parents’ suggestions (inquiries).

They also raised suspicions that the snacks and lunches provided to the children were poorly distributed. They bought 3 kg of pork cutlet and provided it to 75 children and 10 teachers.

Opinions on employment succession are also mixed.

Teachers claim that the director who promised succession is delaying the writing of the labor contract. They submitted a letter of resignation on the 12th of last month, stating that they would work until the 30th of this month in consideration of the takeover, but the director unilaterally informed them that they would only go to work on the 2nd.

On the other hand, the director refuted to a media outlet, saying, “The teachers’ claim is not true at all. It is according to their intention that they will work for only the last two days,” and “We also have related recordings.”

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