An error in the salary payment process at a Hyosung Group affiliate led to employees receiving the wrong amount of money for another coworker’s salary.

According to a post on the employee community “Blind” on the 21st, Hyosung TNC, an affiliate of Hyosung, experienced a confusion in the salary payment process on the 19th, causing employees to receive another employee’s share as a deposit instead of the amount they were supposed to receive.

On the same day, Hyosung employees posted on a blind bulletin board that they 메이저놀이터“received less than the amount on the statement”. There was a discrepancy between the amount on the paycheck and the amount actually deposited into the account. It seems that due to a mistake in the process of processing the payroll or a computer failure, the money that should have been deposited to employee A was deposited to employee B, etc.

On the bulletin board, there were posts such as, “The department head received the employee’s salary and the employee received the department head’s salary,” and “I was the last employee, but my salary was over 10 million won.” Currently, all posts by Hyosung employees have been deleted.

A Hyosung Group spokesperson said, “There was a computer error for employees at the headquarters of Hyosung TNC, an affiliate company,” and that “the situation was resolved by taking back the money from those who received more (than the original salary) and returning it to those who received less.”

Hyosung T&C was spun off from its main business, the textile and trading division, when Hyosung Group switched to a holding company system in 2018. It produces products such as spandex and nylon yarn. According to Hyosung TNC’s business report, it employed more than 1,300 full-time workers as of the end of last year.

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