The power of the people strongly criticized that the


Democratic Party, which had angered the people by shouting ‘protect the motherland’ during the motherland crisis, is now shouting ‘protect the southern country’.

Spokesman Kim Min-soo pointed out at the National Assembly briefing today (20th) that the appearance of Rep. Kim Nam-guk, who trampled on fairness and justice in the virtual asset market, and the Democratic Party’s behavior, which ignited public sentiment by covering it, resembled the situation in the motherland.

Then, the remarks of Rep. Yang Won-young of the Democratic Party to the effect of calling coin investment itself immoral and the interview with former National Intelligence Service Director Park Ji-won that independent Rep. Nam-guk Kim had no reason to respond to the party’s request for data were pinched.

Spokesman Kim also said that the source of the money as well as whether or not money laundering and the person involved should be severely legally responsible, and urged the Democratic Party to reflect before receiving a ‘sentence to abolish the party’ from the people.

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